Louis Tomlinson, Stormzy ‘Compete’ For England’s Euro 2016 Football Song

Although Louis Tomlinson is officially on vacation from One Direction, there are still fans out there that want him to start making his own music again, but this time it appears that it is not teen girls making the request.

Instead, NME reports that there is an open betting pool for Louis Tomlinson in the U.K. asking him to make a song for the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament that will take place in France starting in June, according to BBC.

However, Louis Tomlinson is not the only singer that is being requested by bettors to create a sports anthem for the Euro 2016 football tournament. Instead, there is another musician that may have a mild beef/slight side-eye with Louis Tomlinson that goes back to the controversy surrounding the 2016 Brit Awards.

Stormzy is often excluded when Louis Tomlinson is not

The person in question is the U.K. rapper Stormzy, and he was used as an example in contrast to Louis Tomlinson/One Direction when the 2016 Brit awards were being called out for being “too white.” In particular, some critics felt the Brit Awards were excluding those of others types of heritage that were commonly a part of the U.K. rap scene A.K.A “Grime” scene.

When the hashtag #BritsSoWhite was circulating social media around January 29, Stormzy and Louis Tomlinson were often drawn into the argument but neither have ever officially stated they have a problem with the other.

Mainly, the idea was that Louis Tomlinson and One Direction were getting a lot of recognition at the Brit Awards, but Stormzy was not. This seemed odd to some Britons because Stormzy was honored at many other prestigious awards ceremonies for being the best rapper, but not at the Brit Awards.

When comparisons were made by Buzzfeed and others, it was clear to them that something was amiss and the Grime rappers that were from the U.K. were being overlooked by the Brit Awards.

New Statesman writes around February 24 “[Brit Awards] commentators have been particularly surprised by the omission of British [G]rime artists like JME, Skepta, Stormzy, and Krept & Konan, who have all influenced mainstream artists and had mainstream success in their own right, all meeting the eligibility criteria of charting in the Top 40 from July 2014 [to] December 2015.”

About the 2016 Brit Awards lacking diversity, it is alleged that Stormzy called the situation “embarrassing.”

Now, Louis Tomlinson and Stormzy are competing for another title that represents Britain, and it looks like Stormzy had the lead as of March 29… “but Louis Tomlinson is the [betting company’s] favorite.”

The source of this information about the Stormzy and Louis Tomlinson bet is a tweet from an established betting company in the U.K. called Betfair.

Unfortunately, a couple of days later, Stormzy’s odds dropped dramatically, and he was not the leader of the U.K. bet any longer, according to MOBO.

If things change and Louis Tomlinson drops from the top of this bet, it could mean that Stormzy may finally get recognition nationwide that he did not get at the 2016 Brit Awards. Louis Tomlinson, on the other hand, may not be aware that he is in this bet in the first place.

Louis Tomlinson and Stormzy are not usually rivals because of racism

Despite the bet and the interest in their participation, Louis Tomlinson and Stormzy are unlikely to create a song for the 2016 Euro football tournament because it appears someone else has already been chosen.

According to Mirror, Manic Street Preachers have allegedly created the song for the Wales team for the Euro 2016 with proceeds going to charity… but it is unclear if the song is in conflict with goals behind the Stormzy/Louis Tomlinson wager.

Alternatively, since the article detailing Louis Tomlinson and Stormzy competing for the sports song was published around April Fool’s Day, it is possible that there is no bet or opportunity for Stormzy or Louis.

Instead of being serious about making the song a reality, it could be just a joke, an attempt to make the point that Stormzy is possibly more popular with footballers than Louis Tomlinson, or simply good-old-fashioned fun intended for entertainment purposes only.

[Picture by Luca Teuchmann/Stringer/Getty Images]