‘Outlander’ Season 2 News: Claire Puts France In Its Place [Video]

Outlander was perhaps the biggest success for Starz last year, but Season 2 is poised to outperform it. That’s because all of the stakes that were ever present in Season 1 either vanish or become obsolete to the story that is about to play out on the premium cable network.

There are obviously some major shoes to fill for Season 2 of Outlander, but the show’s executive producer Ronald Moore is more than confident that this story is about to transcend the first season by leaps and bounds, keeping fans glued to the TV every week until every episode airs in its entirety, as reported by the New York Post.

When fans left Outlander in Season 1, there was a somewhat happy ending for Claire and Jamie Fraser, but not before the show managed to disturb its viewers to the core. In the final episodes of the first season, Jamie had fallen victim to the insidious torture of Black Jack Randall.

Randall had no other real purpose with Jamie but to break him, mentally and physically. That meant he had to get Jamie to submit to him, or rather, ask him for his blessing in the rape and torture. Jamie was vigilant until the moment that Claire showed up in an attempt to rescue him. But instead of rescuing Jamie, she ultimately caused him his demise, or at least forced him to go to the brink.

Randall raped, tortured and emasculated Jamie to an utterly reprehensible level, furthermore reinforcing his need to completely dominate and control his subjects. He was successful with Jamie and in the end, he made his way out of the prison before the events that led to Jamie’s freedom took place. But not before he mentally scarred Jamie for what seemed to be for life.

It was Claire in Season 1 of Outlander who was ultimately able to bring him back to reality and force him to see that his life is still worth living, even after having gone through such horrors.

Season 2 of Outlander is about to see the happy couple safely away from Scotland and in the land of the French. Moore had a few things to say about what is to come for Outlander fans.

“She’s had to penetrate a very different world, dealing with aristocrats,” Moore told NY Post. “It’s a nest of vipers and a bit of a challenge for Claire, who is used to speaking her mind.”

There is also one other power that she gets to use less of in sSason 2 of Outlander. She was fortunate enough to have a strong working knowledge of history when she was in Scotland, but while she is in France, her knowledge is limited at best.

“She knows the general outlines, but a lot of it is her figuring things out on the sly,” Moore said.

This is going to be very bothersome for her in Season 2 of Outlander, but she will make the most of what she knows and use what she has to make sure the Jacobite Rebellion never happens. But, that could also come with some costs.

There is also good reason to believe that Outlander will get another six seasons on Starz, considering the first two seasons are based on the first two books by Diana Gabaldon. There are currently eight books total.

“There are eight [books] and Diana’s writing the ninth. In a perfect world, we would keep following the books as they move through time and places,” Moore said. “Lots of series continue to evolve. Our story changes countries and time periods. Characters come and go. It’s a saga you could watch for years.”

Outlander Season 2 premieres on Starz on April 9.

[Image via Starz]