‘Turn On Post Notifications’ Becomes Instagram Trend

Instagram has already made a big change to their social networking site by offering a way for non-mobile device users to see their Instagram notifications by clicking a little heart, as reported by The Inquisitr. However, it’s a forthcoming Instagram change that has Instagram users begging others to turn on their post notifications.

As such, the big Instagram label that is growing in leaps and bounds is called “turn on post notifications.” On Instagram, the #turnonpostnotifications hashtag currently enjoys 81,580 posts — and is growing by the moment. That’s because Instagram is changing the way they show users their Instagram feeds. Whereas currently and in the past, Instagram simply showed users the photos of folks they follow in a chronological order, with the most recent posts appearing first as they scrolled down their timelines to older posts — that methodology is changing. And the update is freaking out some users.

As reported by Time, the change to Instagram’s algorithm involves showing users photos that will have a higher chance of getting a like from them on their timelines, with those photos appearing higher up in the Instagram feed than others that they might not like. While it isn’t known when the change to Instagram’s formula will appear, the rumors of the change have caused some folks to go into a panic, fearing that more popular photos will push their Instagram updates to the bottom of Instagram feeds. As such, the photos begging Instagram followers to “turn on post notifications” have appeared and have proven popular by the sheer number of posts using the hashtag. Most of those posts instruct Instagram users on how to go to a user’s profile and turn on the post notifications so that they are notified whenever that Instagram user updates their account.

The shift to Instagram reminds some users of the type of formula that Facebook uses to decide what posts their users see. Instead of Facebook primarily showing their users the normal Facebook timelines in chronological order, the social networking site sorts the posts that might have received plenty of likes and comments in a short span of time at the top of the Facebook feed.

While the change is being viewed negatively by some Instagram users, others see it as a positive change — one that offers Instagram users a chance to interact with brands and people that might suit their tastes more closely. For example, if a person follows 5,000 Instagram users, but tends to focus on those Instagram users who post photos about fitness trends and writing, for example, the Instagram change might mean that the user will see more health-oriented Instagram posts and those that cover the writing field. Such a shift could mean greater interaction with Instagram users better suited for the viewer.

And perhaps the shift on Instagram could mean being inundated with fewer posts of a pornographic nature or those containing marketing attempts from webcam girls that jump on every trending label and hashtag that Instagram finds themselves trying to stay on top of.

Not everyone using the “turn on post notifications” label are using it to beg their Instagram followers to follow them more closely. Some on Instagram are using the label to tell their followers not to worry, and do nothing. They write that they know their Instagram users will still check on them occasionally anyway, despite the change.

The variety of Instagram posts asking users to turn on their post notifications prove the plethora of ways in all their creative glory that folks are using to try to get their users to stick with them. From photos of dogs to instructional photos, the “turn on post notifications” photos are popping up everywhere on Instagram.

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