Indianapolis Colts Could Take RB Ezekiel Elliott In 2016 NFL Draft

The Indianapolis Colts are hoping to bounce back after an incredibly disappointing 2016 NFL season. It was a year that many expected them to be a serious contender for the Super Bowl. That obviously didn’t end up happening, and now all that the Colts can hope for is that they will bounce back even stronger this year.

One position that the Colts could focus on improving this offseason is the running back position. Frank Gore is a very good running back, but he is not a long-term option, and the Colts didn’t get as much out of him as they wanted last season.

Elliott would be a future star for the Colts and would fit perfectly alongside Andrew Luck in the backfield.

Jeff Dooley of Pro Football Focus named the Colts as one of the top three potential fits for Elliott. That doesn’t mean they will be interested in bringing him board, but it certainly adds to the intrigue.

Last season with the Buckeyes, Elliott ended up carrying the football 289 times for 1,821 yards and 23 touchdowns. He was a workhorse back in a very tough Big Ten conference and didn’t allow any opposing defense to slow him down. Even though the Buckeyes didn’t have a great passing game, Elliott didn’t let stacked boxes get to him.

Indianapolis Colts could draft Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott.

Standing in at six-foot-one and 225 pounds, Elliott has the potential to be an every-down back at the next level and has the work ethic and potential to be the best running back in the league at some point in the future.

Luck and Elliott would be one of the most dangerous tandems in the NFL if they live up to their potential. Indianapolis hasn’t had a lethal running game in Luck’s entire career with the Colts, which is another reason to strongly consider drafting Elliott.

Gore has one or two good seasons left in him, and he simply isn’t going to be as good as many were hoping. He is a solid piece for the Colts, but he can’t be a 100-yard threat each and every game. Elliott would come in immediately and give the Colts more options than they have had in years on the ground.

It will be very intriguing to see where Elliott ends up going in the draft. There are a lot of teams that need running back help, and his potential is through the roof.

Ryan Grigson has not had very good drafts in the past with the Colts. He has consistently missed on picks and has been unable to bring in the necessary pieces to win the AFC. Elliott may not be a major need for the Colts in 2016, but Grigson would win long-term if he chose to take the running back anyway.

Ezekiel Elliott could end up with the Indianapolis Colts.

The running back position has been becoming less talked about in recent years. It has become increasingly obvious that the NFL has turned into a passing league.

While the NFL is all about the quarterback now, the best offenses have a running back capable of taking over when needed. Indianapolis had that for Peyton Manning when Edgerrin James played, but no one since then has been anywhere near what they need. Gore isn’t going to be that in 2016, but Elliott has a chance to be that in 2016 as well as for years to come.

Elliott is one of the most special players in the entire draft, and the Colts need to bring in as much talent as possible.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors about the Colts as the NFL Draft approaches. They are going to be looking at many different things, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see them strongly consider drafting Elliott.

Do you think Ezekiel Elliott could fix the running game issues that the Colts have had in the past? Would he turn into a superstar for Indianapolis?

[Photo by Darron Cummings/AP]