‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’ Anime: Where To Watch

Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video game series is getting its own anime adaptation this spring. Produced by A-1 Pictures, the Ace Attorney anime airs Saturdays on channels YTV and NTV at 5:30 p.m. local time in Japan. In the United States and in other territories outside Asia, anime streaming service Crunchyroll will stream Ace Attorney at 7 a.m. EDT. The first episode has already made its debut on April 2 and is available now.

With many of the popular, quirky characters of the series making their anime debut, fans have little reason to express any “Objection!” According to Anime News Network, the cast includes favorites like Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Dick Gumshoe, and Miles Edgeworth. Ace Attorney is streaming on Crunchroll in Japanese with English subtitles. Anime fans may recognize the star-studded voice cast from other popular series.

The voice cast, via ANN, includes the following actors.

“Yuuki Kaji (Attack on Titan’s Eren) as Phoenix Wright/Ryūichi Naruhodō
Aoi Yūki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Madoka) as Maya Fey/Mayoi Ayasato
Masashi Tamaki as Miles Edgeworth/Reiji Mitsurugi
Chie Nakamura (Naruto’s Sakura) as Mia Fey/Chihiro Ayasato
Masami Iwasaki (Akame ga KILL!’s Borick) as Dick Gumshoe/Keisuke Itonokogiri
Tooru Nara (Chihayafuru’s Yūsei Nishida) as Larry Butz/Masashi Yahari”

Directing the anime is Ayumu Watanabe, whose previous work includes Space Brothers. Writing the series is Trinity Blood‘s Atsuhiro Tomioka. Music is being composed by Kaoru Wada.

Much like Netflix, Crunchyroll is a subscription streaming service that requires a monthly membership to enjoy much of its content. Paid memberships begin at $6.95 per month to access the anime catalog and enjoy ad-free streaming. Signing up for a free membership grants the user with limited access to the Crunchyroll catalog and videos will include ads. Ace Attorney may or may not become available for members with a free account.

For those looking to watch Ace Attorney for free right away, Crunchyroll does offer a 14-day free trial for new members. Once a month, subscribers also receive a guest pass that grants the recipient 48 hours of the streaming service for free. Scoring a guest pass from a friend, family member, or otherwise generous soul is another option to legally stream anime for free.

The Phoenix Wright anime is not the only love being showered on fans stateside. Those who love the music from the Ace Attorney series can listen to a live orchestra perform its iconic tracks as part of the Capcom Live! official live concert tour. The video game orchestra tour kicks off in Boston on April 9. According to the official Facebook event page, music from other Capcom series will be played as well.

“The Video Game Orchestra makes its return to the Berklee Performance Center with the U.S. premier of Capcom Live!, the official concert tour of Capcom©, produced by Shota Nakama and Tommy Tallarico.

“The epic orchestral rock show will feature the music from the most memorable Capcom games with synchronized video and state-of-the-art lighting.

“The set list includes Street Fighter, Ace Attorney, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter and many more!”

The Ace Attorney anime and concert show should keep fans satisfied until Ace Attorney 6 debuts on June 9 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. A western release has been confirmed by Capcom, but a release date has not yet been announced.

[Image courtesy of Capcom]