Watch Donald Trump’s April 4 Wisconsin Rallies Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Rallies From La Crosse, Superior, And Milwaukee

Viewers can watch Donald Trump’s April 4 rallies live online and see if his swing across Wisconsin can help invigorate voters just one day from what could be the most important primary to date.

Donald Trump has fallen behind Ted Cruz in polls of Wisconsin voters, and experts believe a loss there could change the tenor of the campaign going forward and open up the possibility that Trump may not win the nomination.

Amid this uncertainty, Trump is planning a busy slate for Monday, with rallies planned in La Crosse, Superior, and ending the night in Milwaukee.

Live video of Donald Trump’s rally from La Crosse can be found below. It is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. ET.

Video of the rally in Superior can be found below. It will be starting at 2:30 p.m. ET.

Donald Trump’s busy Monday will end with a rally in Milwaukee at 8 p.m. ET. Video can be found below.

Donald Trump faces a very unique test in Wisconsin, where he is going up against strong opposition from conservative groups. Last week Trump made an appearance on the radio program of influential conservative Charlie Sykes, who took Trump to task for his feud with Ted Cruz that included Trump tweeting an unflattering picture of Cruz’s wife.

As the Wall Street Journal noted, Trump will be going against a “sophisticated electorate run by a conservative political network that has honed its tactics during 17 state senate and two statewide recall elections held since Republican Scott Walker became the governor five years ago.”

“Wisconsin has been through a lot of challenging elections, so people are up on the issues,” said Alberta Darling, a Republican state senator from River Hills. “We are seasoned voters and that’s made a big difference this year.”

The report noted that many conservatives in Wisconsin are soured to Trump and his message.

“People like myself have become more knowledgeable about what’s going on,” said Ed Perkins, a 75-year-old voter from Grand Chute who has been involved in conservative causes that helped Republicans facing recall elections in 2011 and 2012. “The result of that, of all the candidates, we feel Ted Cruz is the constitutional candidate in front of us.”

There are many pundits who believe a loss in Wisconsin could make Donald Trump vulnerable going forward. Though he maintains a large delegate lead over Ted Cruz, if he fails to reach the 50 percent threshold for delegates, there is still thought that there could be a contested convention, opening up the possibility of the Republican Party picking another nominee.

But others believe the importance of Wisconsin’s voter is overstated. Donald Trump still has a large lead in polls of upcoming states, including his home state of New York, where Trump has the support of 52 percent of voters to 21 percent for Cruz and 20 percent for John Kasich.

Those who watch Donald Trump’s April 4 rallies live online could see a new tone from the GOP frontrunner. Amid a series of controversial statements, including support for Japan and South Korea developing nuclear weapons, some close to the campaign have called on Trump to tighten up his appearances and go “on script” more often. Newt Gingrich, who has served as an informal adviser, has asked Trump to make more formal speeches on policy and shy away from the divisive language that has attracted controversy to the campaign to date.

Those unable to watch the live video on Monday can catch the full replay of all of Donald Trump’s April 4 rallies at the embedded videos above.

[Picture by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]