100-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Evicted From California Apartment For Being Too Noisy

A California centenarian, Evelyn Heller, was evicted from her Palm Desert apartment after the landlord claimed she was too noisy. The landlord evicted the 100-year-old woman after stating she was too loud for the complex and often had verbal arguments with her daughter on the premises. The landlord continued to state that the elderly woman was living in “deplorable” conditions. As a result of the eviction, the great-grandmother has two weeks to remove her belongings and to leave the premises.

The Daily Mail reports that a 100-year-old great-grandmother Evelyn Heller was evicted from a Palm Desert, California, apartment complex after she was deemed “too noisy” for the building. The landlord for the Deep Canyon Desert LLC says that the centenarian often had verbal arguments with her daughter and that she lived in “deplorable” conditions.

Ultimately, the landlord took the elderly woman to trial on Friday for formal eviction processing. The centenarian decided to represent herself during the trial and struggled to hear throughout the proceedings. The Desert Sun reporters note that when Evelyn approached the bench to give her oath she left her hand up for the remainder of the trial and did a brief hula dance in the room.

“After she took an oath to tell the truth, she kept her hand raised and did a brief hula dance, then laughed under her breath.”

Following the trial, the judge agreed with the landlord that the eviction could be processed and Evelyn Heller was given two weeks to vacate the apartment complex with her belongings and was ordered to pay $616 in pro-rated rent along with $800 in court fees. However, it was reported that Evelyn could not hear the judge’s ruling and had to be informed by a deputy outside of the hearing as to the verdict. When the great-grandmother learned that she must leave the apartment complex she responded simply with “what?”

“What? What kind of ridiculous thing is that? But I don’t have any money.”

While the landlord won the eviction trial, the lawyer representing the apartment complex says he regrets these cases, but it won’t be the first or last time he has to evict someone from their deathbed.

“I’ve evicted people off of their death beds and regretted every second of the trial. But my job is unfortunately to set my feeling aside and do what my clients ask me to do.”

It is unclear what will happen to the 100-year-old woman after she is kicked out of her apartment, but she claims she won’t be a burden to her family or any of her four grandsons.


“I have four grandsons, but I don’t want to be dependent on them. I can’t be a burden to my family. They don’t have room for me. That happens in life.”

While centenarian Evelyn is being evicted from her apartment for being “too noisy,” another centenarian grandmother in Sweden was offered a place in the Kindergarten nursery school class after a computer glitch sent applications to those born in 1911, 1912 and 1913 instead of 2011, 2012, and 2013. The Swedish grandmother took the Kindergarten application in good humor and said she thought it was fantastic.

“It’s fantastic! I must be the only 104-year-old in Hylte to be offered a place in a creche.”

What do you think about the apartment complex kicking out the centenarian great-grandmother for being “too noisy”? What about the apartment complex lawyer’s response to this case calling it regrettable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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