Lana Del Rey Seen With Video Maker, Boyfriend, Bodyguard, Or Backup Band?

Lana Del Rey has a full career, and this means there are many people moving in and out of her life at all times.

Nevertheless, the press felt slightly suspicious that Francesco Carrozzini had been replaced in Lana Del Rey’s life because she was out shopping with someone she could not seem to stop touching.

Regardless, Lana Del Rey has so many facets of her life that it can be impossible to tell if the person she was shopping with in Beverly Hills on April 1 was her new boyfriend, a person in her backup band, an employee that made the new video she hinted at on April 3, or a much-needed bodyguard to protect her life.

Lana Del Rey would be lost without her bodyguards

Lana Del Rey has been laying low in Los Angeles, but new photos have emerged around the first of April that seemed to suggest that she is slightly romantic toward another male that is not Francesco Carrozzini.

She may also be preparing to release a new video because she posted a clip on her Instagram account on April 3 that seems to suggest Lana Del Rey has a surprise for fans in the near future.

Although it was speculated that the person Lana Del Rey was shopping with could be a romantic interest, Lana Del Rey has not confirmed she broke up with her assumed boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini.

Sadly, Francesco Carrozzini has been virtually nonexistent in April, and his last noted location was in India around March 25, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. At the time, he was speaking at the Mint Luxury conference along with Courtney Love, the opening act for Lana Del Rey’s 2015 Endless Summer tour.

If she is still in a monogamous relationship with Francesco, Lana Del Rey’s recent outing to shop in Beverly Hills was more likely to be with her bodyguard than her boyfriend.

The Daily Mail noted, “The singer appeared content, producing a subtle smile while holding on to the mystery man’s arm as they visited the Yves Saint Laurent store in Beverly Hills.”

They also quote an insider that alleges Francesco and Lana Del Rey broke up because “They love each other, but she’s wanted to settle down for over a year now and he’s just not there yet.”

While breaking up with Francesco has not been officially confirmed, what is more likely not a rumor is that Lana Del Rey hired bodyguards around the first of January because she has been having a terrible time with overzealous fans.

J-14 reported that Lana Del Rey also had to get a restraining order against two Russian women that were screaming threats outside her house all hours of the night. Movie News Guide adds that the two women were known to follow Lana Del Rey around in public, and this likely means a bodyguard would need to be with Lana every time she goes out.

Some of Lana Del Rey's fans are mean

Lana Del Rey has been a recent crime victim because “fans” were stealing from her and breaking into her garage in late 2015, according to E! Online. Lana Del Rey did get justice for at least one of the incidents, according to TMZ, but criminal-minded fans are only part of the reason that Lana needs real personal security guards.

For example, it has been established in the past that some Lana Del Rey fans mob her when they see her, stalk her, or cross boundaries at her home. The Daily Mail alleges that this is why she bought a secluded Malibu home in mid-2015.

Outside of Lana Del Rey’s home, NSFW videos posted online show Lana being swarmed in public by fans… and it sometimes jostles her physically and appears to fray her nerves. Reddit adds to this with a thread about users quoting their own personal experiences with aggressive Lana Del Rey fans.

However, a brief look at YouTube videos of Lana Del Rey shows that she does take a lot of photos with fans, but videos reveal her bodyguards are usually cropped out of the picture.

After a few social media videos posted by Lana Del Rey fans of their brush with fame, it is pretty clear that she does have a lot of cute bodyguards. Unfortunately, Lana Del Rey does not have a list of her current bodyguards with their photos posted online, and this makes it difficult to verify the possibility she was shopping with her bodyguard in Los Angeles around April 1.

Alternatively, Lana Del Rey may have been working with people in the music industry to prepare for her festival appearances in 2016. Could this “mystery man” in fact be a musician in her backup band, a stylist, a new talent agent, or a Lollapalooza festival organizer?

So far, Lana Del Rey’s 2016 concert lineup is festival-based instead of organizing a full North American tour. According to her Instagram account, Lana Del Rey will perform at the TW Classic on July 9, Electric Picnic in early September, Osheaga at the end of July, and Lollapalooza at the end of July in Chicago.

[Picture by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images]