Angela ‘Atwood’ Hill, Logan McFarland: ‘Bonnie And Clyde’ Crime Duo Profiled On Oxygen’s New Season Of ‘Killer Couples’

Angela Hill and Logan McFarland, credited as the modern day “Bonnie and Clyde,” will have their case outlined on the new season premiere of Oxygen’s Snapped: Killer Couples. Oxygen just finished up its season of Snapped and #Killer Post. This season’s Killer Couples episodes will tell the stories of wicked couples who engaged in the most heinous of crimes before getting caught. Many of these relationships are fueled by sex and drugs. In the episode entitled “A Mysterious Murder,” viewers will learn about a case out of West Wendover, Nevada, where a pair of carjackers went on a crime spree and left an elderly couple dead and one woman with a gunshot wound to the head who lived to tell the tale.

In 2012, Rattana Keomanivong was leaving a casino in West Wendover, Nevada, when she was kidnapped at gunpoint and shoved into a car. Keomanivong knew that if she didn’t fight back, she just might not live to see another day. And detectives say that’s exactly what she did. She bit her attacker, took back control of her car and drove toward the door of a police station, where she begged for someone to help her. Though Rattana Keomanivong was able to escape, the would-be killer shot the woman in the back of the head as she ran away.

It’s not everyday that a gunshot victim runs inside of the local police station, bleeding from the head. A bulletin was issued to find the person or persons who had committed the crime. Before long, two people — 25-year old Angela Hill and her boyfriend, 24-year old Logan McFarland — were spotted in a field, as police officers swiftly moved in. The pair was taken into custody without incident and charged with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. Lt. Marvin Morton of the Elko County Sheriff’s Department described how he found them to KSL.

“We had them come toward us with their arms up in the air, showing us their hands. And we had them take off some of their clothes to see their waistbands. They were just thirsty. They had been out there awhile. I don’t know what their situation was with food and water at that point.”

A records search showed that Logan McFarland was wanted for the alleged double murder of an elderly couple from Mt. Pleasant. In that case, the victims, identified as 70-year old Leroy Fullwood and his wife, 69-year old Dorothy or Dorotha Fullwood, were found dead in their home.

All of this talk about carjackings, robberies, and crime sprees, was something notably different from the type of upbringing Angela Atwood Hill had in rural Utah, where she was raised in the Mormon faith. Her mother was at a loss for words when she learned of the charges. She also didn’t understand how her daughter could have become tangled up in such crimes. Despite what law enforcement alleged, she believes her daughter when she says that Logan McFarland made her participate in the crimes, and she plans on supporting her daughter every step of the way.

As for Angela, she blames everything on Logan McFarland, saying that this is not a case of “Bonnie and Clyde,” according to the Daily Mail.

“This is not Bonnie and Clyde. People are making me out to be an animal, and I’m not.”

Rattana Komanivong’s frightening story will be told tonight on Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen. You definitely don’t want to miss this latest episode. Check your local listing for times.

West Wendover, Nevada, is a small casino town with over 4,000 residents. It has several casinos, including Red Garter, Rainbow, Wendover Nugget, Montego Bay, and Peppermill. Many of the city’s residents consider it a safe place to raise small children.

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