Apple iOS 6 Test: Mobile OS Might Scale To Larger Display Size

iOS 6 Screen Size

Apple’s iOS 6 platform is currently in beta testing and with those tests come eager programmers looking for hints about Apple’s iOS future. On Tuesday programmers discovered that the new OS appears to scale up to 640 x 1136 pixels of resolution.

The test was completed using an iOS Simulator set to the larger resolution size. When iOS 5.1 was tested on the larger display it added blank space between each row of icons, however the iOS 6 OS created five evently spaced rows that were void of added spaces (see example above).

According to Mac9to5 tester specifically chose 640×1136 pixels of resolution in order to stop the program from automatically jumping to an iPad-style output.

Apple has so far resisted reaching into the 4+ inch display market despite positive feedback from Samsung Galaxy III and other smartphone users. If this rumor is correct it would mean a big step forward for Apple display size.

In the meantime as I reported earlier today iOS 6 source code is also pointing to a potential 9-pin connector which would replace Apples nearly 10 year old 30-pin option. By pushing down the size of the dock connector Apple is able to increase the size of the phone’s display.

Apple is rumored to be preparing for a September 12th announcement in which we are likely to witness a slightly larger display and a smaller pin-connector among other newly minted Apple options.

Will you be picking up the Apple iPhone 5 when it releases or have you already made the jump to a Google Android powered smartphone?