iOS 6 Code Points To 9-Pin Connector

iPhone 9-Pin Connector

If recently snagged iOS 6 beta code is telling the truth Apple could be moving towards a 9-pin connector rather than the rumored 19-pin option.

The team at 9to5Mac discovered a line of code that reads, “000002d9c t_copyDeviceSupports9Pin.”

Rumors have recently pointed to 8 or 19-pin options but none have yet claimed a 9-pin connector.

Apple devices have relied on 30-pin connectors since the 2000s and a shift to a new dock size will mean a complete overall of third-party Apple products that have integrated the Apple 30-pin connector dock into their own devices. In many situations devices should be able to simply add a 30-pin adapter and still work on the smaller size.

Apple is moving towards a smaller connector in order to shrink the thickness of its devices and allow for more space when adding new components to smartphone and tablet based hardware.

By creating more internal space on a thinner device Apple can prepare for future advances in hardware while at the same time eliminating a lot of space from the less than aesthetically please 30-pin connector.

Apple has not yet confirmed the smaller pin-connector size and the company will likely keep such details under wraps until its new big iPhone 5 reveal.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III the iPhone 4S feels rather bulky and honestly a bit small, by focusing on a more thin design that could complement a slightly larger screen Apple could find itself running away with 1st place bragging rights for yet another year worth of stellar sales numbers.