Ellen Interviews Wonder Woman, Surprises Taylor Lautner Fan By Sweeping Her Off Her Feet

Ellen’s famous show is known for picking up on heartwarming and uplifting videos which have gained popularity on social media. Ellen DeGeneres is constantly hosting celebrities and upcoming talented artists who feature in these videos and who have a strong and inspiring message to convey to the viewers.

The Ellen show has been on air for over a decade now and its viewer ratings are still phenomenally high. Recently, Entertainment Weekly reported that Ellen invited actress Gal Gadot on the show. Gadot plays the strong and inspirational Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the recently released superhero blockbuster.

In another episode, Ellen invited the extremely talented Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard on her show to play a medley of Adele songs. Earlier, the Irish duo became popular after uploading a video which showed them covering a number of songs. The Independent reported that the Irish duo has the potential to motivate cover artists worldwide because their online video left Adele so impressed that she invited them to join her on stage during her Dublin concert.

Ellen believes that the best way to enjoy life is to share your success with other people so that they can benefit from it. Ellen harnesses the value of popular stories shared on social media to identify and reward hardworking people who give back to society. She also encourages people to be kind to one another, and as a part of this initiative she launched the #BeKindToOneAnother campaign on Twitter.

The campaign enabled Ellen to highlight the story of Kelly McGuire, the Chicago woman who helped a homeless lady in need of winter clothes. Kelly McGuire’s act of kindness was popular on Facebook and the story caught national attention due to a Huffington Post report.

Earlier, Ellen had also invited Sarah Churman, the 29-year-old Texas woman, who became the most famous deaf patient in the world when her heartwarming 90-second video on YouTube “29 years old and hearing myself for the 1st time!” went viral. Sarah had been hearing-impaired since birth and her mother-in-law had helped to pay for the hearing device by cashing in her retirement savings. Ellen was so touched by this selfless act of kindness that she decided to invite the entire family on her show and presented Sarah with a $30,000 check so she could repay her mother-in-law.

Ellen herself has been a source of inspiration and her stand-up comedy acts have inspired many celebrities to venture in the field of acting. Just Jared reported that Melissa Rauch recently appeared on Ellen’s show and the actress revealed that Ellen had inspired her to such an extent that Melissa used to perform Ellen’s stand-up comedy routines for her school talent show.

There is a segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen shares Facebook photos uploaded by fans who want to grab the attention of their favorite celebrity through social media. The Daily Mail highlighted an episode on the show in which Ellen had invited a female fan whose Facebook photo showed her in the arms of her dream celebrity, Taylor Lautner.

Apparently, the fan revealed that it was her husband who used special effects to create a photo of his wife and Taylor Lautner depicting the famous romantic scene from the movie Twilight. Ellen shocked the fan when Taylor stepped out on the stage and carried the fan in his arms in exactly the same way as she had depicted in her Facebook photo.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]