Remember Devon Sawa From ‘Casper,’ ‘Now And Then,’ And ‘Little Giants’? Check Him Out Now!

Devon Sawa is one of the rare child actors who has managed to maintain their celebrity aura and positive image throughout their transition to adulthood. Devon Sawa gained popularity in 1995 when he played the human form of the title character in the fantasy comedy film Casper.

It was in Casper that Devon Sawa first won the hearts of teen girls around the world and for many, the most heartbreaking moment of the movie was the scene where the human form of Devon turns back into Casper, the friendly ghost, after his one last wish is fulfilled. The Mirror reports that the film star, who is now 37, has grown up professionally into a matured and experienced actor. His once cute, round-faced, boyish looks have naturally given way in recent times to a more mature appearance.

Devon has taken the acting profession seriously since childhood and currently he is geared up to play more serious and meaningful roles in films. Devon Sawa got into acting when he became a part of his school theatre group at the behest of his teacher, who found that Devon loved nothing more than being the center of attention.

Later, he got an opportunity to work in the Nerf commercials, and by 1995 he had earned the dreamy boy next door image after working in films like Casper, Little Giants, and Now and Then. His popularity and child star status did not distract him from his career goals, as his mother used to accompany him to the shoots until he was 18. Devon wanted to be perceived seriously as a talented actor, and he did not want to be stereotyped as a teenage heartthrob.

He had reached the stage where he was famous and he was earning money by doing movies that he was not proud of. Devon Sawa realized that this was the point where many child artists fail to transition into legitimate adult professionals as they get carried away with their fame and develop an attitude which hinders their professional growth. Inspired by actors like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio, he decided to transition by playing roles which were alternative and different.

After featuring in Idle Hands, SLC Punk! and Eminem’s “Stan” video, Devon Sawa decided to move ahead by playing roles which were meaningful and which would help him establish himself as a serious actor. Devon departed Hollywood to reassess his career, not knowing if he would ever return to acting. During his self-imposed exile from the spotlight and the party culture, Devon spent time in Southeast Asia obtaining training in Muy Thai. He also devoted time to restoring a heritage building in his hometown of Vancouver.

And when he came back afresh after four or five years he was ready to step into more mature roles. Entertainment Weekly reports that he is due to work alongside John Travolta in the movie Life on the Line; an action-melodrama which highlights the day-to-day risks faced by the electricity linemen who strive to keep the American electrical grid working.

Transitioning from child artist to a successful professional actor has been a journey for Devon Sawa, and now it’s a journey that he gets to take with his family too. Devon is married to Dawni Sahanovitch, a TV producer, and he recently became a father of a baby boy named Hudson.

People‘s Celebrity Babies reported that the actor and his producer wife welcomed their second child, a girl, on March 21.

Us Magazine revealed that Devon is keen to show Little Giants to his son, who is already interested in sports.

[Photo by Fred Hayes/Getty Images for Cinedigm Entertainment]