Bruce Springsteen Proves Age Is No Barrier: Crowdsurfs At L.A. Sports Arena

Bruce Springsteen is a perfect symbol of the glorious rock and roll era and he is one of the few musicians whose songs and music are the true representations of the emotions and feelings of millions of people. Despite the acclaim of his previous albums, The River was the album that catapulted Bruce Springsteen to greater heights.

Released in 1980, The River is full of stories about various middle-class characters and Bruce recorded it with the primary backing of The E-Street Band. According to Bruce, there are many parallels between a river and people’s lives. Many of the songs on the album highlight the emotions of disappointment, fear, loneliness and desperation. However, there are also cheerful and optimistic songs on the album through which Bruce Springsteen conveys that wonderful things happen by accepting the ties of relationships.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times reported that Bruce Springsteen brought the E-Street Band to his beloved Los Angeles Sports Arena to re-explore The River. The sports arena, which is due to be demolished to make way for a new soccer stadium, is very special to Bruce Springsteen as he has performed over 30 times in the arena throughout the course of his legendary career.

Additionally, the L.A. Arena has been a venue for many rock concerts, and it has witnessed legendary bands and performers like Pink Floyd, U2, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and The Grateful Dead entertaining crowds. Bruce Springsteen compared the sports arena’s demise to the themes of the music inherent in The River. Many of the arenas that served as the venues for rock concerts since the 1970s are being demolished, and Bruce Springsteen speculates that the age old tradition of rock and roll may phase out when he dies.

Dedicating the concert to the old arena, Bruce Springsteen and his E-Street Band played with energy and enthusiasm to thrill his fans who seemed to think they could derive some of his vigor by touching him. And Bruce did not mind the manhandling at all; in fact, it appeared that this was one of the most exciting concerts for him in recent history as it gave him the opportunity to be nostalgic.

Incidentally, the band was playing on St. Patrick’s Day, so Bruce cheerfully performed two Celtic-accented songs which featured in his Wrecking Ball album. The entire show was sold out and there were many people eager to receive a high-five from Bruce Springsteen. Many people had been big fans of Bruce since their childhood and they had brought their own children to the concert. It seemed that they wanted their children to carry on their legacy of being Bruce’s beloved fans.

And at one point of time during the concert, Bruce’s crowdsurfing took so long that it seemed that the fans were not willing to let go of him, and some of the craziest fans would have loved to carry him home with them.

However, the New York Post reported that it was 9-year-old Xabi Glovsky who caught Bruce Springsteen’s attention, as the boy was carrying a homemade sign which requested Bruce to sign his tardy note. Bruce Springsteen showed his softer side when he invited Xabi, along with his father, to come backstage to write a tardy note.

And this was not the first time that Xabi had prepared a homemade sign for Bruce. In fact, in 2012, the father-son duo had caught Bruce’s attention back then, too, with a birthday-themed sign. It seems that in an age where idols rarely live up to their fans’ expectations, Bruce Springsteen has lived up to every expectation of his 9-year-old fan and his father.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]