Robbie Williams And Wife, Ayda Field, Had Been Together A Few Years Before She Realized How Famous He Is

Robbie Williams and wife, Ayda Field, want to have more kids, according to the Indian Express. The couple revealed they would love to have more kids in addition to their children Teddy, 3, and Charlton, 17 months.

Robbie Williams and wife, Ayda, who call themselves “totally hands-on” parents, want more kids so that the 42-year-old singer can sing Beyoncé songs for the whole family. It is in particular their daughter who enjoys Williams singing Beyoncé songs, Ayda revealed in a recent interview.

“We’re both totally hands on. Rob changes nappies, makes food, sings Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’ 200 times on demand from Teddy.”

Ayda also said that ever since she and Robbie Williams became parents, they started to have no time to worry about themselves, and have realized how happy it makes them. And even though Williams is an internationally recognizable celebrity, the two claim that they lead a very quiet life when they are not working.

“If Rob is touring, we’ll go with him and since I’ve been working, everyone comes with me. I love that we go everywhere together. But at home our lives are very regular.”

Ayda added that she and Robbie Williams take their daughter, Teddy, to school, they cook together and they have special family nights, during which they watch “a lot” of TV.

Robbie Williams and Ayda met during a blind date 10 years ago and got married in 2010. Back then, the actress had no idea who Robbie Williams was. But she soon learned about his celebrity status.

In her interview with Grazia magazine, Ayda revealed that Robbie Williams makes her call him “the national treasure” when they are at home, according to the Daily Star.

“I didn’t really know ‘Angels’ or the whole Robbie thing. Now, obviously, I do.”

The 36-year-old actress also revealed that their first blind date didn’t go too smoothly at first, but both she and Robbie Williams felt an “electric jolt” between them and developed quite a passion throughout the evening.

“We had a very awkward hour at his house and then he said he’d drive me back to a party I’d come from.”

But then they decided to just sit on a sofa and spend hours together talking. The actress admits that although it sounds “so corny,” they felt something like an electric jolt. Robbie Williams added during the interview that his future wife was wearing a baggy wool dress with a huge pouch in the front.

“Then she went off to get in the Jacuzzi and this Bond girl walked back into the room.”

Soon after Robbie Williams and Ayda became an item, they started going to UFO conventions and “wandering around in kaftans.” But Ayda didn’t realize how famous her boyfriend was for the first few years of their life together. It all happened during their visit to the U.K.

“We arrived in this village, went to get a coffee and when we came out, people started following us, all smiling and taking photographs.”

Robbie Williams also added that it felt like a “personal village fete,” admitting that he didn’t expect such a reception, as he had been out of the spotlight for a few years back then. At that time, Williams said he had been “half miffed” that their plans to spend a quiet day together failed, and “half bl**dy delighted” that everyone still admired him so much after all those years.

It was reported earlier this month that Robbie Williams has plans to get back in the studio and make more music.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]