Peter Dinklage Gets 'Naked' With Leslie Jones: Slays It On 'SNL': Watch

Nancy Bailey

Peter Dinklage spiked his debut hosting Saturday Night Live in an unforgettable episode that was all about pants: Celebrating them with song and dance, or dropping them.

Dinklage was paired up with a belligerent, unclothed SNL cast member, Leslie Jones, in a parody of Naked and Afraid Celebrity Edition that left Twitter screeching with headlines and's writer Tommy Christopher commenting on "the ancient tradition of size-disparate comedy teams."

"The result featured some hilarious, if unsettling, visuals that you cannot un-see."

When Dinklage grudgingly drops trou, Jones roars, "Let me just start off by sayin', you're packin'!"

Peter Dinklage strips down with 'horndog' Lesdoggg for #SNL's version of

— Stankin Rankin (@Stankin_Rankin) April 3, 2016

"During his 21 days in the wilderness fighting to survive with nothing other than a fire-starter kit and Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Dinklage also had to try to fight off the come-ons of his 'horn-dog' partner and avoid being eaten by her."

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) April 3, 2016

Dinklage is poised on stage, dressed in a metallic jacket and wearing a wig that looks like something Carol Channing donated to Goodwill.

"Look at my pants, with eyes in your face, my legs are covered, in outer space! Space pants!"
"All I know is Peter Dinklage screaming about space pants while looking like David Bowie and sounding like early-80's Devo is comedy gold."

"Dinklage was so committed that he basically made up for the dull, mistake-riddled intro and Gwen Stefani's flubs, as well."

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) April 3, 2016

As Tyrion might say, touché.

Catch Peter Dinklage on Game of Thrones when Season 6 airs April 24th on HBO.

[Photo by Dan Steinberg/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images]