Daisy Lynn Torres: Toddler Dies During Routine Dentist Visit

Toddler Daisy Lynn Torres arrived at the dentist with her parents for a routine checkup and procedure. However, the toddler’s parents were unaware they wouldn’t see her alive again, once they left her alone with the staff.

Toddler Daisy Torres, daughter of Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres, went to the dentist for a scheduled procedure. According to NBC-11 Atlanta, the toddler and her parents were only there concerning two initial cavities.

Betty mentioned that the dentist and staff asked that the mother come in with Daisy in order to keep her calm and comforted. However, the toddler’s mother mentioned that the dentist recommended putting Daisy under anesthesia for the procedure. But, she was only 14 months old.

The New England Journal of Medicine notes that, when a child is under the age of 3 years, any non-urgent surgical procedures should be administered without the use of anesthesia. However, this wasn’t privy information to the mother at the time, and she trusted the dentist’s judgment in the matter. As reports NBC-11, the toddler’s mother stated as follows.

“They told me to sit down with her so they could put her under, and they told me to leave the room. So I left the room. About 10 or 15 minutes into her procedure, the dentist came back because originally she was only supposed to be going for two cavities. And he said, ‘I’m going to go ahead and do six. I’m going to do four crowns on top and two at the bottom’.”

Daisy’s mother recalls that, shortly thereafter, the dentist came back and told her the toddler had gone into cardiac arrest. When this happened, they performed CPR on the toddler until she was revived. Staff personnel assured Betty that toddler Daisy was okay. However, moments later, they had to call for emergency services. The report notes that, by the time paramedics arrived at a hospital with the toddler, she was already brain dead.

Although the toddler’s parents are awaiting a report from the medical examiner, the New England Journal of Medicine notes that toddler conditions are quite sensitive. Too, if there are family health issues, that’s key information as well. Specifically, Dr. Genevieve Mounce, pediatric anesthesiologist at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas, states as follows.

“It’s certainly one of the things we always like to say as pediatric anesthesiologists is that children are not just small adults. Children do require different amounts of anesthesia, and they are typically weight based. But we also take into account co-morbidities — if they have any type of medical history or family history that could potentially change how we give their anesthesia.”

And, that’s part of Betty’s wait. She wants to know what happened to her 14-month-old daughter. The parents took their child to get two cavities filled, and within minutes of releasing her to the dentist and staff, their whole lives changed. NBC-11 Atlanta notes that the mother expressed the following.


“Every person that she’d seen, she brought joy to everyone. We’re very thankful for everyone that’s supporting us through this difficult time. Everyone’s prayers and comments and uplifting words have really made an impact, and it’s something that we really need right now.”

The support the toddler’s mother talks about is from her GoFundMe and YouCaring accounts. So far, she has raised over $22,000, combined. Of course, the funds are directed at the toddler’s funeral expenses.

On their GoFundMe page, the toddler’s fund description notes, “This was a very unexpected tragedy that no family should ever have to go through.” And, that’s nothing but the truth, yes?

What are your thoughts about the dentist’s decision to put the toddler under anesthesia? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

[Image via GoFundMe]