Plaxico Burress Asking For ‘Too Much Money’ To Return To Steelers [Report]

Plaxico Burress Asking Too Much

Plaxico Burress may have more problems than the $59k he owes in back taxes, as the football player has yet to sign with an NFL team — possibly because he could be asking for too much in his contract.

CBS Sports reports that Burress was surprised he has not yet signed with an NFL team, saying:

“No doubt about it. With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself. But I guess obviously not.”

The wide receiver was expected to land in either Oakland or Pittsburgh, especially with mike Wallace holding out for contract negotiations. Ed Bouchette with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stated:

“It’s also early, but if the status quo holds — Wallace stays away and no one joins the top three — the Steelers may be forced to look elsewhere, either a current free agent (Plaxico Burress anyone?) or via trade.”

Bouchette goes on to say that:

“Plaxico Burress has a big back tax bill. He is unemployed. The #Steelers need a wide receiver to replace Mike Wallace. I’m told Burress wants ‘too much money’ but something has to give and it doesn’t look as though Wallace will give in any time soon.”

Jamison Hensley with ESPN believes that bringing back Plaxico Burress wold be a bad decision for the Steelers, because it would take away play time from Emmanuel Sanders, who is healthy. He also states that:

“That’s not a smart move. This could be a moot point, too. Burress reportedly wants too much money (note to Burress: aging receivers aren’t breaking the bank these days. Just ask Terrell Owens andRandy Moss).”

Do you think that Plaxico Burress should be signed by the Steelers?