Kylie Jenner: Harry Burns Her Hair Weave Extensions To A Crisp [Video]

Kylie Jenner was going to get her hair done. However, due to a mishap with Snapchat friend Harry Hudson, all her weave extensions were burned to a crisp.

Via Snapchat, Kylie Jenner allowed her friend, Harry Hudson, to explain himself to her fans. See, Kylie’s hair was due for a salon appointment. From the videos, Jenner’s weave was ready and prepped. Unfortunately, Kylie Jenner’s hair extensions encountered Harry during one of his snacks. Wait until you learn the culprit.

As you can see from Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat videos, below, Harry wasn’t even sure what her hair weave was called. Kylie stated, “You can say I got ‘hair extensions’.”

So, Kylie Jenner’s friend was in the kitchen attempting to fix himself a grilled cheese sandwich. However, he saw Kylie’s hair extensions spread out across the counter and the stove. Once he saw all the hair, he said he was confused. But, apparently, that didn’t sway his motives. Yet, while Jenner’s hair was on the stove, Kylie’s friend decided to turn on the burner anyway.

He mentioned that, as he lit the stove, Kylie Jenner’s hair extensions “caught on fire.” And, since they were real hair pieces, “they smelled like sh*t.” Kylie’s friend noted that her hair was lined up “all perfectly and in order,” and — while the extensions were aflame — hair staff personnel were attempting to put out the fires before Kylie Jenner arrived.

Eventually, Jenner chimed in with agreement that Harry had ruined all her hair weave extensions. However, Kylie’s friend wasn’t done slaying her hair day like some unwanted dragon; there’s more.

The personnel staff got the burned hair out of the way and saved a few of Kylie Jenner’s hair extensions. Yet, before they could place Jenner’s hair elsewhere in a safe location, Harry tripped and splashed water all over the rest that were not burned in the grilled cheese fire.

Kylie Jenner was probably getting her hair done for her trip. According to her Snapchat, she took a drive and hike to a luxurious location.

Eventually, she ended up in recognizable Malibu territory. According to the information and satellite photos at Virtual Globe Trotting, as well as those at Daily Mail, Kylie Jenner and friends took a trip to Caitlyn Jenner‘s $3.5 million estate in the hills.

After getting to Caitlyn’s house, Kylie Jenner and her crew decided to take a ride in one of the off-road vehicles. This time, Harry couldn’t set the plans on fire.

However, to digress to Kylie’s hair topic, Jenner has her own line of extensions with Bellami. Actually, she has 16 variations of Kylie Jenner Kouture, and each of her extensions come with 180-gram, 20-inch clip-ins. Likewise, each set sells for $279.99. As aforementioned, there are 16 different hair colors. Each color is as follows:

  1. Teal
  2. Dark Brown Teal
  3. Chocolate Brown Teal
  4. Chestnut Brown Teal
  5. Dirty Blonde Teal
  6. Ash Blonde Teal
  7. Jet Black
  8. Off Black
  9. Mochachino Brown
  10. Dark Brown
  11. Chocolate Brown
  12. Chestnut Brown
  13. Ash Brown
  14. Dirty Blonde
  15. Ash Blonde
  16. Beach Blonde

You can watch Kylie Jenner’s hair promotion video below.

The official website makes the following statement about Kylie Jenner’s hair line.

“We are excited to present this new line of hair extensions with the newest member of #teambellami, Kylie Jenner. Armed with an arsenal of grace and glam, Miss Jenner is the muse of a generation. From 90’s retro rival to modern glam, she effortlessly captures the world’s attention with her bold and beautiful aura. She could start a beauty revolution with a single sultry selfie. From her mermaid chic bob to a long hair don’t care attitude, setting trends is a full time job for this Boho Beauty.”

Surely, Kylie Jenner wears her own product, right? So, this must be the hair that was burned by Harry? What are your thoughts? It seems that Kylie Jenner made a new, Harry-less hair appointment.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Instagram]