Toad Suck, Arkansas Wins Title For Most Unfortunate Town Name

Toad Suck Town Sign

Toad Suck, Arkansas might be a swell place to live, and the folks there are probably incredibly kind and considerate to the countless grinning tourists who stop by to have a giggle at their town’s name. However, as bright and shiny as these people might be, there’s no denying that Toad Suck is an unfortunate town name. So unfortunate, in fact, that the small southern town has been selected as having one of the worst in the country.

Genealogy site conducted the recent poll by asking its many users which American town had the worst name in the English language. People from all over the U.S. UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa weighed in on the subject, and Toad Suck ranked as the most unfortunate.

Although I personally believe growing up in a town called Monkey’s Eyebrow would be an absolute honor, some people aren’t too fond of the idea. In fact, according to Yahoo! News, certain individuals are a little taken aback when they learn some of their relatives dwell in such peculiar places.

By the way, if you’re assuming that Toad Suck got its name from the people who enjoy the art of sucking on a toad, you’re being much too literal. According to the town’s official website,, the name has much more innocent beginnings. “While they waited, they refreshed themselves at the local tavern there, to the dismay of the folks living nearby, who said: ‘They suck on the bottle ’til they swell up like toads.’ Hence, the name Toad Suck.”

As a Kentucky native, it’s good to know that Monkey’s Eyebrow made the list, though there are certainly some very strange names sprinkled throughout my home state. Beaver Lick, Knob Lick, Deer Lick, and Mud Lick are just a handful of places you can visit. Apparently we Kentuckians have an unspoken penchant for licking things we shouldn’t.

Here’s the list of the top ten unfortunate town names:

1. Toad Suck, AR
2. Climax, GA
3. Boring, OR
4. Hooker, OK
5. Assawoman, MD
6. Belchertown, MA
7. Roachtown, IL
8. Loveladies, NJ
9. Squabbletown, CA
10. Monkey’s Eyebrow, KY