April Fools’? Six WWII Anti-Tank Rockets Found At U.K. Bus Stop

While at first many thought it was an April Fools’ day joke, it turned out to be true. Six WWII anti-tank rockets were left behind a bus stop in Coopersale in Essex on March 29.

Police in Essex were concerned when the six live anti-tank rockets, dating back to World War II, were discovered behind a bus stop in Essex and they want to know who left them there.

The Essex Police headed onto Facebook on Friday in an attempt to find out if anyone knew about the anti-tank rockets and who could have left them there. They were also concerned that the person involved may have more of the dangerous rockets in their possession.

The Facebook post read, “We are appealing to find out who left six anti-tank rockets behind a bus stop in #‎Coopersale this week.”

“We were called at 4.55pm on Tuesday, March 29, with reports of ordnance being found behind a bus stop on the B181 #‎Epping Road.”

The post continued by explaining that the Army Explosives Ordnance Disposal Unit attended the scene and disposed of the anti-tank rockets nearby. The disposal experts confirmed that what had been found were, indeed, six live anti-tank rockets dating from World War II.

Essex Police are now appealing to find whoever it was that left the items at the bus stop, wanting to know if they have more and asking anyone with information to contact them.

Due to the date of the Facebook post, social media users immediately responded with humor to the appeal by the Essex Police, believing it just had to be an April Fools’ day joke.

One commented, “Hmmmm – true or an April Fool??!”

Another merely commented, “Yea right!”

A further comment read simply, “1st April?”

Yet another joked, “It wasn’t meee!”

Another quipped, “The bus driver refused them on his bus so the bloke left them.”

To make it known the appeal was genuine and they were being serious about the matter, the Essex Police were then forced to make a second statement on Facebook, insisting that their appeal is genuine, saying, “This is a bona fide appeal. Anyone with information is asked to call 101.”


Another Facebook user, realizing the seriousness of the situation, commented, “This is not a joke folks. Anyone with information should call 101, consider there may be more of this stuff lying around in danger of causing harm… could be unstable!”

According to RT News this isn’t the first recent discovery of unexploded bombs in the U.K. Reportedly, earlier in March a team of bomb disposal experts with an army robot had to be called to the scene of two unexploded World War II bombs in the Liverpool city center.

Reportedly, the bombs were found on a vacant plot near Pall Mall, on the banks of the River Mersey, where construction work was set to begin.

The Merseyside Police confirmed the find of the World War II bombs, saying, “Bomb disposal officers have assessed two devices discovered at the scene and removed them from the area for further examination.”

Back in November last year, the Inquisitr reported the story of an unexploded 500-pound World War II bomb found in London. The worst part of the news was that there are reportedly many more like it in the city, just waiting to be found.

[Photo: Facebook/Essex Police]