Park Shin Hye: Popular K-Drama Actress Will Make Her Return In Lead Role For 'Doctors'

From 2013 to 2015, there was one actress who was dominating both Korean television and film at the time, Park Shin Hye. The K-drama actress who gained international recognition for her lead role in You're Beautiful worked extremely hard during those of years, acting in a number of K-dramas and K-movies. Pertaining to the former, Shin Hye played the female lead in Flower Boys Next Door, Heirs, and Pinocchio. As for the latter, Park Shin Hye had major roles in The Royal Tailor and The Beauty Inside.

Halfway through 2015 though, many Park Shin Hye fans were saddened to find out their favored Korean actress was taking a leave from Korean television and film to finish her degree that she started back in 2009. Shin Hye, however, made sure to stay busy outside of her studies, modeling for Millet fashion and taking care of her family.

Now, Park Shin Hye is making her return to acting starting with a role in the upcoming K-movie, Brother. Her return to K-dramas has also been recently announced as Park Shin Hye will play the female lead in the upcoming series Doctors.

Park Shin Hye Lee Jong Suk Snowy Kiss Scene
One of the most popular scenes in the K-drama Pinocchio is when Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk share a kiss in the middle of a street with winter decorations while a light snow falls around them. [Image via Screen Capture of "Pinocchio"]Talks of Park Shin Hye playing the lead role in the K-drama Doctors were originally reported as early as late February to early March of this year. According to AllKpop at the time, Shin Hye was considering the role as detailed by a statement made by her agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment.
"Park Shin Hye has been offered a role for Doctors and she is currently considering the role. We're not in a position as of yet to say that she has been confirmed [for the role]."
Doctors, which was originally titled Female Thug Hye Jung, is about a woman named Hye Jung who makes a drastic life change from street thug or gangster to neurologist. This is thanks to the mentoring of a senior neurologist, Hong Ji Hong, who is played by Kim Rae Won (Gourmet, Punch). Doctors will explore their story from its initial beginnings when Hye Jung was a gangster, how she became such because of the scars of her damaging childhood, and the slow transformation she goes through thanks to Ji Hong.

As for production details of the K-drama itself, Doctors is scheduled to premiere on June 20 by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). According to Kpop Herald, the K-drama will take the time slot currently occupied by the series Daebak (also known as Jackpot), Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST.

SBS, Yong Pal
"Doctors" seems to have many similarities to "Yong Pal," the most-popular K-drama of 2016 which also aired on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). [Image via Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) Promotions for "Yong Pal"]Many K-drama fans keeping up with the news of Doctors are finding similarities between the series and another popular K-drama which was also produced by SBS, Yong Pal. Besides the obvious fact both K-dramas center on the hospital or medical theme, they also share the plot point pertaining to gangs or the mob. In Yong Pal, the male lead Kim Tae Hyun is a skilled surgeon who moonlights under the alias of "Yong Pal," a mercenary doctor for hire who often does medical work for gangsters and the mob. As for Doctors, we already mentioned Hye Jung used to be a gangster or street thug prior to her occupation as a neurologist.

Ultimately, it is great that Park Shin Hye is making her return to K-dramas. Until then, her previous films done in both 2014 and 2015 are still getting plenty of attention internationally as they continue to go through localization. Also, Park Shin Hye's latest film Brothers is reported to be released sometime this year, and she may be working on that as well.

[Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images]