Ben Affleck And Charlize Theron Secret Romance Exposed, 'Batman V Superman' Star Moving On From Jen Garner

Ben Affleck has apparently found new love. The Batman v Superman star was recently spotted getting close with his former co-star Charlize Theron. Is this a sign that Affleck is ready to move on from his marriage with Jennifer Garner?

According to Hollywood Life, Affleck and Theron have a history together that began on the set of the 2000 film, Reindeer Games. Unfortunately, neither star acted on their feelings while working on the movie and nothing became of their relationship.

However, the timing is now perfect for Affleck and Theron to rekindle their chemistry. In fact, an inside source revealed to OK! Magazine that the two flirted with each other during a party at this year's Oscars.

"They've got an insane connection. It's time for them to act on the passion that was sparked all those years ago. They could finally flirt freely, and it was electric."
The only thing that held them back was Garner's presence at the party. Now that Affleck and Garner's post-divorce days have finally imploded, Affleck is truly free to do whatever he wants with his personal life, including dating Theron.

Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron in Reindeer Games [Image via Miramax]
Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron in Reindeer Games [Image via Miramax]That being said, the source went on to explain that fans will probably not spot the pair in public. This is partly due to their need to keep their private lives out of the public eye and partly for the sake of both of their children. After all, Theron also went through a recent breakup from Sean Penn.

"One thing's for certain," the insider noted. "You won't see them on dates at high-profile restaurants. It'll be their little secret for as long as possible."

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Theron adopted two children. This includes Jackson (4) and August. In order to keep their relationship a secret, Affleck and Theron will likely spend time together at Theron's estate in Hidden Hills.

Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron at the Guy's Choice Awards [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]

Meanwhile, Design & Trend is reporting that Garner's interview with Vanity Fair is what pushed Ben Affleck over the edge. As fans will recall, Affleck and Garner had been living together amicably following their divorce, and it seemed the two managed to work out their differences for the sake of their children, until recently.

Following Garner's candid interview with Vanity Fair, in which she publicly admitted that Affleck had slept with her children's nanny, Affleck felt as though his ex-wife's comments were in poor taste.

"The Vanity Fair interview sent [Ben] and his team over the edge," a source explained to Radar Online. "He feels like she completely attacked him and can't believe she confirmed the nanny affair story. It was a passive aggressive move. She basically confirmed he slept with the nanny and he's a d--k, but she still loves him."

Considering the news of Affleck's new romance with Theron, it appears as though the Gone Girl star is ready to move on with his life. Whether or not this means a long lasting future with Theron is yet to be seen.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]At the same time, Gossip Cop is reporting that the rumors surrounding Affleck and Theron are completely false. Apparently, the rumors started after Affleck and Theron were spotted leaving the Oscar's party at the same time but not necessarily together. Instead of the two rekindling their old flame, a source told the outlet that Affleck's romances with Theron is "so incorrect."

Whatever the truth of the matter, it is only a matter of time before Affleck finds a new lover. With Affleck and Theron both single at the same time, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the two will hook up.

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[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty (Affleck), Christian Augustin/Getty (Theron)]