Future: New Woman Comes Forward With Bombshell Claim About Rapper’s Rumored Baby

Future and Ciara have been embroiled in a heated custody battle for quite some time, but now another woman has come forward with a bombshell claim about the Atlanta-based rapper. Apparently, Future has yet another baby on the way.

By now, many fans know Future has been accused of trolling his ex Ciara so much that she filed a $15 million defamation lawsuit against him in an effort to silence him on social media. Although he’s had a lot to say about her on social media, it seems as if Future has been doing a lot more than trolling Ciara in the wake of her highly publicized engagement to NFL football star Russell Wilson. Now, he reportedly has yet another baby on the way for a fifth woman.

According to EnStarz, Future is the one being trolled now, and it’s all because the mother of his unborn child wants the world to know she’ll probably be the next one in a legal battle with the “Neva End” rapper. Earlier this week, the woman took to Instagram with a jaw-dropping message that quickly caught the attention of fans and media outlets everywhere.

According to All Hip Hop, the mystery woman goes by @Stacy8629 on Instagram, and she recently posted a scorching message online, revealing the true nature of her relationship with Future. But, it doesn’t look like she’ll be taking the politically correct road Ciara has taken by firing back at Future in court. She’s spilling the details on social media for everyone to read about. Apparently, Stacy took to Instagram to confront Future’s ex Brittni Mealy for attempting to reconcile with Future following his split from Ciara. She insists Future could never actually be committed to one of them because

Here’s what she had to say:

“So now Ciara got cha wanting to make that n**** step up… girl future for all us…Ask him who he was with when you keep blowing up his phone…”

However, she didn’t stop there. She went on to drop the massive bombshell about her alleged pregnancy. She also revealed she was once Brittni’s friend but opted not to reveal any other information about her identity. “Yeah I’m 3 months pregnant to so just sit back and wait on it…Just like u was buddy with Ciara we was buddies so karma is a b****… #enjoy”

Although Future has had no reservations about attacking Ciara social media in regard to her relationship with Russell Wilson and her decision to abstain from having sex until marriage, this isn’t the first time he’s faced turmoil after a bitter breakup. For those who don’t know, Future actually has a total of four children with four different women, and he’s no stranger to drama with the mothers of his children. In fact, back in October of 2015, Future took to Twitter with an explosive rant blasting his ex Brittni Mealy. For those who don’t know, Mealy is the woman who accused Future of cheating on her with Ciara. In the Twitter rant, Future turned the tables and actually accused her of cheating on him.

However, he may have much bigger problems on his hands if the current woman in question truly is pregnant with his fifth child. So, is this new mystery woman really pregnant future child? At this point, no one really knows if Future will really be expecting his fifth child, but fans will definitely see in the coming months.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for New Era]