LGBT Fans Angry At 'The Vampire Diaries' As Show Joins 'The 100' And 'The Walking Dead' [Spoilers]

Alexandria Ingham

The last few weeks have not been good for the LGBT community. If the deaths on The 100 and The Walking Dead were not enough, The Vampire Diaries fans lost two lesbian characters at the same time.

Ian Somerhalder had already promised that Days of Future Past would be an explosive episode, and would include character deaths. Making it clear that there would be at least two deaths in a devastating, emotional way, fans should have been prepared for what was to come when The Vampire Diaries returned from its mini hiatus. Many publications even said that there were three specific characters likely to die: the three remaining Heretics.

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With everything else happening during the episode, it was clear that these were the two that would have to die. The Salvatore brothers simply could not be killed, Caroline and Bonnie were not featured in the episode, and there was no need to kill Enzo or Matt at the time. Valerie was busy with Damon, and it left a poisoned Mary Louise and Nora who had been marked with Rayna's sword.

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There are now more debates on Twitter over whether gay and lesbian characters should be allowed to live just because they are gay or lesbian characters. Many character deaths serve a purpose, and that is certainly the case with The Vampire Diaries. With the Phoenix Stone gone, what does that mean for Stefan?

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