Golden State Warriors Wearing Out Starters For Regular Season Record

Nicholas Sciria

On Friday night, the Golden State Warriors were finally taken down at home, losing 109-106 to the Boston Celtics. Boston disrupted the Warriors all night, and although Stephen Curry went through his usual phase of unfathomable long-range wizardry, the Celtics controlled most of the second half. With six games to go, Golden State still has their eyes on the best regular season record in NBA history. However, in attempt to reach this unparallelled achievement, the Warriors may be comprising postseason success later on down the road.

This contrast could prove to be the difference in the ensuing playoff series. Beating a fresh Spurs team that has already shown the ability to slow the game down and take down Golden State could be a challenging task for the Warriors.

As ESPN's Brad Daugherty explains, fatigue has already reared its ugly head.

"I was watching the game a few nights ago against Washington. The energy level seemed to be waning, just a little bit. It's a concern. You are getting towards the end of the season, you're chasing history, but they've got to be really, really careful not to burn themselves completely out."

The Warriors have a competitive fire that needs to be present in any great team, but if Green's comments this season are any indication, that same strength could be working as a weakness in this situation. On game day versus the Celtics, Steve Kerr pranked Green, saying that he would be giving him the day off. Green did not find Kerr's joke amusing, and he immediately rebuffed the request. This was not the first time the Warriors discussed sitting Green this season, as Luke Walton was forced to persuade him to take a game off earlier in the season.

Ultimately, it has yet to be seen if Golden State's attempt at a regular season record will haunt the Warriors come playoff time. Either way, it's hard to blame a team that has their eyes set on the record books.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]