Perez Hilton to expand gossip empire with new mainstream site

There have been a lot of hints over the past month about heavyweight gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, setting up a new friendlier site. The ‘Queen of all media’ has teamed up with Henry Copeland, founder and CEO of the ad agency who manages ad sales for

The content on Perez’s new site will be less snarky, more mainstream and more advertiser friendly. Articles will be longer, toned down from the snark and graphic doodles on celeb photos we’re all used to seeing on his current site. It will appeal to a younger, female demographic, an area where major sites and portals have been falling all over themselves to get a piece of the lucerative ad revenue.

Back in June, broke the news about Perez’s new venture, quoting Henry Copeland as saying Perez has “this genetic link with 26-year-old women.”

MSNBC recently revealed that the launch of the new site will be happening later this summer:

“He will also go live with a ‘cousin’ site by the end of the summer; Copeland says there’s already a major sponsor lined up for the site’s debut.”

Perez, who’s current site garnered some 260,000,000 pageviews in June, will certainly see some major success with his new venture. He’s a master of getting attention, both negative and positive and we can’t wait to get a closer look at what the new site is all about.