Justin Timberlake Returns To The Studio For A New Album

Is Justin Timberlake really bringing sexy back? It looks like Justin Timberlake may finally be heading back into the studio to make sweet, sweet music. Fans of the FutureSex/LoveSounds singer who have been dying to see less of Timberlake on the big screen and hear more of his club popping beats that caterpulted the pop singer from boyband status to mega star may have their wishes granted by the music Gods. At least that’s what the story is according to US producer Jim Beanz.

Producer Beanz, who has previously worked with powerhouse pop divas like Katy Perry and Britney Spears, told Digital Spy that Timberlake, the former chart topping singer, is due into the studio for his next album, and that’s not all! According to Beanz, he’s helping pen tracks with Timberlake and Timbaland and that production on the next album should be starting later this year.

“When I get back to the States I’m going to be helping out on Shock Value 3 with Timbaland and the Justin Timberlake project,” said Beanz. Since Justin Timberlake has kept quiet about his music career and has chosen to focus more on acting as of late, it’s unknown as to whether or not Timberlake wanted Jim to spill the beans on this secret Timberlake project.

In the past, Timberlake expressed that he would start making music when he felt inspired to do so, with reports dating to years back that Timberlake wanted a country feel for his next album. The last we heard from Justin Timberlake in regards to his music plans was February when he told E!’s Marc Malkin, “I think I may spend some time in the studio this summer. I haven’t been hired for anything so I may hire myself to write some music. … It’s right around the corner.”

Sounds like Justin Timberlake never left the music world and had it in his back pocket all along. Are you excited for Justin Timberlake’s new project?