Watch Donald Trump Rally From West Allis, Wisconsin, Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay From Sunday’s Town Hall

Viewers can watch live online as Donald Trump takes his rally to West Allis, Wisconsin, in a critical stretch for the Republican frontrunner ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Trump has made a swing through Wisconsin starting late in the week, holding rallies before both frenzied supporters and small pockets of vocal protesters. The controversies surrounding Trump’s campaign — from violence at rallies to public spats over Ted Cruz’s wife — had led to a dip in the polls, making Tuesday’s contest all the more important.

Those who want to watch live video from Donald Trump’s rally in West Allis, Wisconsin, can check out the video below. The town hall is scheduled to start Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

The primary will be an all-important one for Trump to see if he can hold the momentum of his previous victories. Though Trump holds a significant lead over Ted Cruz, he has come under an onslaught from not only his opponents but a number of Republican insiders as well.

A new survey released Thursday by Fox Business Network shows that Cruz has jumped to a 10-point lead over Trump in Wisconsin, with 42 percent support to Trump’s 32 percent. A previous poll from Marquette Law School also showed Cruz with a 10-point lead.

Those who watch the Donald Trump’s April 3 rally from West Allis, Wisconsin, live online could see a different tone to Trump’s campaign. GOP leaders have called on him to adopt a more serious tone, fearing that his gaffes are causing too big a rift with the general election voters. Trump drew controversy this week for saying that he believes women who have abortions should be punished if the procedure was banned. Even conservatives opposed to abortion widely believe that women who seek abortions should not face punishment in the event that it was outlawed.

Trump also suggested that the United States pull out of NATO and said Japan and South Korea should develop nuclear weapons to take the security burden off the United States.

“If he continues to fumble the ball, he risks everything,” David Bossie, president of the conservative group Citizens United, told Reuters. “These types of ham-handed mistakes give his opponents even greater opportunity.”

As Reuters noted, there is growing uncertainty on whether Trump would win the party’s nomination, and increasing signs that he would struggle in the general election. His support among women and Hispanics has plummeted, with more than 80 percent of both groups viewing Trump unfavorably.

There are many leaders now saying Trump must change his approach.


“He has certain habits that may have been appropriate at one time and are not appropriate now,” said Newt Gingrich, who has been offering support to Trump’s campaign. “He’s gone from being an insurgent that people laughed at and a front-runner that people were amazed by to the potential nominee. That requires you to change your role as all this comes together.”

Gingrich suggested that Donald Trump make a series of more formal speeches outlining his policy agenda, in the style of his speech last month to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. If that’s true, then Sunday’s speech in West Allis could be a preview of a new and more formal Donald Trump, one sharpening his edges as he eyes the general election fight coming against Hillary Clinton.

Those who miss the live stream of Donald Trump’s April 3 rally in West Allis, Wisconsin, can catch the full replay at the embedded video above.

[Picture by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]