Lemek: Second Lion Killed After Mohawk, Kenyans In An Uproar

Nancy Bailey

Mohawk the Lion made international news on Wednesday when he was harassed by a mob, and then gunned down by rangers after he turned on a motorcyclist and knocked him to the ground, injuring him.

Mohawk's death was followed by the brutal killing of a second lion, named Lemek, who was found dead in a thicket near a riverbed on Thursday. The two-and-a-half-year-old adult male had been speared to death.

Maasais in Kitengela, Nairobi, have asked the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to stop "dragging their reputation on dirt."

— The Star, Kenya (@TheStarKenya) April 1, 2016

"It has become their habit to apportion blame on our Morans whenever their lions disappear. Let them know we did not kill Lemek. It was not us."

— Femme actuelle (@zippoglisia) March 30, 2016

"Yes, it has been disruptive but we are trying and they (the contractors) are trying to minimize the disruption."
"We have a temporary fence in certain places there, so now we will be able to put in a permanent electric fence. Eventually, when all the construction is finished, from that side of the park, we don't expect any more disruptions."
"A key concern is that the developer is not taking proper care to ensure there is less disturbance of the habitat while also not securing the perimeter fencing."

Communication manager Paul Udoto told The Star, Kenya that the KWS had been alerted that there were lions loose on the outskirts of the park, so they conducted an air and ground search.

"KWS patrol rangers and the Empakasi chief discovered Lemek's speared carcass near Old Kitengela township, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Nairobi city."
"We will have a meeting with all stakeholders to end the hostility between our animals and locals."

[Image via Clayton Burne/Shutterstock]