Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Return From Bali Vacation

ashton kutcher

Are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis a couple? Well, if the new pictures of the couple boarding a flight from Bali back to the States are any evidence, it’s a big fat yes. Fans of That 70’s Show can finally rejoice in the real life blossoming love between Mila and Ashton, who played the dating duo Jackie and Kelso respectively.

Kutcher and Kunis, who met fourteen years ago on That 70’s Show shared an intimate 9-day trip together, and when it was over the couple didn’t seem to want to hide their young love. Photographed in resort style clothing, Ashton clutched Mila’s hand on Sunday while the pair walked through the Denpasar International Airport.

It’s been four months since Ashton and Mila were officially said to be seeing each other, and while some sources close to the couple have reported to magazines that it’s not serious, it looks like the couple have upped the stakes in what they consider to be “not serious.” The couple spent their time together in a private part of a Bali resort, taking a cue from their secret late night rendezvous in LA. Ashton and Mila stayed at a five-star resort on the island’s southern peninsula.

The resort, which is rumored to be the Nusa Dua at the Amanusa beach resort, offered Kunis, 28, and Kutcher, 34, a paradise of privacy, with a sunken indoor bathtub, a private pool and a wooden four-poster bed.

Right before they took their romantic getaway Mila Kunis attended Kutcher’s Jobs film wrap party, and an onlooker had said of their close proximity to each other, “it looked like young love.”

In November Ashton Kutcher split from ex-wife Demi Moore following infidelity reports on Kutcher’s end, and Mila Kunis hasn’t been with anyone seriously since the actress split with Macaulay Culkin nearly 2-years ago.

See the PDA of Ashton and Mila HERE.