NASA Mohawk Guy Becomes Internet Meme After Rover Curiosity Lands On Mars

People with mohawks are stupid punk rockers who don’t know the first thing about science, or proper manners, right? The internet was blown away on Sunday night when they were introduced to the NASA Mohawk Guy, known by his friends and family as Bobak Ferdowsi, as the Rover Curiosity touched down on Mars.

PC Mag reports that Ferdowski is NASA flight director and was one of the leads for the Curiosity mission. He also has a mohawk. And the internet just couldn’t handle the crazy juxtaposition. I mean, how could NASA trust a multi-billion dollar robot with some dude with a mohawk?

NBC reports that the NASA Mohawk Guy picked up 20,000 Twitter followers overnight, became an internet meme, and had a Tumblr site set up in his honor.

Ferdowski said that the last week has been pretty surreal. I mean, he helped the world land a giant robot on Mars. Oh, and he thinks the internet thing is kind of cool, too.

Ferdowski said:

“It’s a little surreal…. I’m still just getting over the ‘We’re on Mars’ thing. That’s the thing I can’t believe.”

nasa mohawk guy

MSNBC reports that Ferdowski has been working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the last nine years. For the majority of that time, he’s been working on putting the Rover Curiosity on Mars.

Want to know more about the NASA Mohawk Guy? Here’s an interview he did with What’s Trending.

Here’s another video about the internet’s newest darling from CNN.

And finally, if you haven’t seen it, here’s the NASA Mohawk Guy and the rest of his team celebrating after the Mars Curiosity Rover touched-down on the red planet.