4-Year-Old Girl Beaten To Death For Shocking Reason

Police in Texas believe a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death for an absolutely shocking reason. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 30-year-old Jeri Quezada has been arrested and charged in association with the death of the little girl, but is the single charge she faces enough for what authorities believe allegedly happened?

Police in Grand Prairie say that 4-year-old Leiliana Wright was brutally beaten to death by her own mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Charles Phifer. However, the reason why is the most shocking — and is attracting attention on social media with an overwhelming outpouring of disgust.

The incident reportedly took place earlier this month on March 13. Authorities were called to the home of the Texas mom to find a shocking scene. Four-year-old Leiliana was unresponsive and covered with various injuries. Her mother was performing CPR on her. At the time of the incident, Jeri Quezada reportedly told authorities that the child had fallen in the shower, and had come home from a sleepover covered in the injuries. An investigation — and lengthy interviews — have given investigators a totally different idea of what happened to the child.

Police reports allege that the Texas mom and her boyfriend left the children alone while they shot up heroin in a bathroom in the man’s home. It was during this time that the 4-year-old drank the younger child’s juice. When Quezada an her boyfriend emerged from the bathroom to see what was going on, they allegedly reacted violently — beating the child with both a belt and a bamboo rod. After the brutal beating, Quezada left the girl with her boyfriend, and took the couple’s younger child out to run errands with her.

@TexasDFPS @startelegram You failed Leiliana Wright!!! Somebody in the Grand Prairie department should be fired and held accountable!

— Kevin S Palermino (@KevinPalermino) April 2, 2016

During her time running errands, she reportedly received a call from her boyfriend, who told her that he “tied up” the 4-year-old to keep her from intentionally making herself vomit. For some reason, the Texas mom didn’t see any problem with this, and she continued about her business. She was asked to bring some Pedialyte home for the child.


When Quezada returned home, she was told that her daughter was tied up in a closet in the home. Instead of checking on her, or even untying her and letting her out of the closet, she chose to do more heroin instead. After she was done doing heroin for at least the second time in that day, she decided to try to feed her daughter a sandwich — which didn’t go well.

Instead of getting help for her daughter, the woman allegedly beat on her some more — angry that the child would not eat her sandwich. She reportedly forced Pedialyte down the 4-year-old girl’s throat, after the alleged beating. Things began to escalate once more when the child vomited up the Pedialyte she was force-fed. Both Quezada and her boyfriend allegedly slammed the girl into a wall, which left an indention in the drywall. WFAA News 8 reports that the tot was pronounced dead at the hospital, once the ambulance transported her there.

Reports also indicate that the Texas mom’s story changed a number of times while being interviewed by law enforcement. This partly led to her facing charges in association with the violent beating death of her own child. However, the charge she has been given isn’t necessarily related to a homicide charge. Jeri Quezada has been charged with “injury to a child,” which — in the state of Texas — is a felony.

[Photo via Twitter/Grand Prairie Police]