October 20, 2016
WWE Rumors: Top 5 Rumors For Hell In A Cell Match At 'WrestleMania 32' - Shane McMahon Vs. The Undertaker

A few weeks ago, Shane McMahon returned to WWE after a six-year absence and it was shocking to see his face. Things got even more unbelievable when Vince McMahon put his son in a match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, and placed them inside Hell in a Cell. It's hard to believe that Shane-O Mac has a chance, but with numerous rumors flying around, it's quite possible that he could come out the winner.

There are two big stipulations placed on the Hell in a Cell match. If Shane McMahon wins, he gains control of Monday Night Raw and a lot of WWE. If The Undertaker wins, he doesn't really get anything, but if he loses, it will be his lastWrestleMania ever.

Shane McMahon wins clean and in shocking fashion

If Shane-O Mac ends up defeating The Undertaker, it would be something that is shocking and totally unexpected. Yes, WWE has worked it over the past month that it may be possible for him to win, but most fans are still thinking that it's going to happen. Even some of the those over at Cageside Seats think a McMahon victory is going to happen.

Expect a huge spot of some kind from either Shane or Undertaker. No-one can forget the coast-to-coast jump into a trash can, and pulling off something like that could be more than enough to get a an unheard of victory.

The Undertaker wins clean

This one wouldn't be overly shocking as the world is rather expecting the "Deadman" to take out Shane and win. There will likely be a lot of brutality from both sides before it is all over, but The Undertaker winning the match is nothing that would be out of the ordinary.

wwe rumors hell in a cell match wrestlemania 32 shane mcmahon the undertaker
[Image via WWE]Sting interferes, makes Undertaker lose, and sets up a match for WrestleMania 33

The icon known as Sting insists up and down, left and right, that he is not yet retired and still has that dream match in his head. He wants to face The Undertaker and he wants to do it at WrestleMania, but it's believed that he's injured to the point of never being able to wrestle again.

A huge surprise is rumored to take place on Sunday at WrestleMania 32, and there is a hint of it coming on Saturday night. If Sting doesn't reveal his retirement during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, then it is very possible that the dream match in his head, and that fans have wanted for years, could happen.

wwe rumors hell in a cell match wrestlemania 32 shane mcmahon the undertaker
[Image via WWE]Seeing Sting appear inside the Hell in a Cell on Sunday would be a moment that no-one will ever forget. Can you imagine Sting and The Undertaker standing face-to-face? It could happen and it could lead to Sting causing a loss for the "Deadman" and setting up a match at WrestleMania 33.

John Cena interferes, makes Undertaker lose, and sets up a match for WrestleMania 33

Recently, it was revealed that Cena likely wouldn't be back in the ring until sometime in the summer. Now, an interview with Complex Magazine has him stating that he is ready to return to the ring and just waiting to get the call from WWE letting him know that he can return.

WrestleMania 32 was supposed to be a "Legend vs. Legend" match between The Undertaker and John Cena. Once the injury occurred, that idea was shelved, but it may not be something that is totally trashed. Cena is in Dallas and will likely be appearing on the live Pay-Per-View in some form or another, and he could find a way to interfere and distract The Undertaker.

Roman Reigns interferes, turns heel, and attacks Shane McMahon

This is one that a lot of people think is truly possible and could really happen in order for WWE to shake things up. If the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match isn't the main event, Roman Reigns could win the belt from Triple H earlier in the night, and everyone could think his evening is over.

wwe rumors hell in a cell match wrestlemania 32 shane mcmahon the undertaker
[Image via WWE]During the Hell in a Cell main event, Shane-O Mac could get the upper-hand until Reigns comes out and takes him out to make the heel turn. Vince McMahon will come out to order Reigns around and keep Monday Night Raw safely out of Shane's hands by allowing The Undertaker to win.

This is honestly going to be one of the biggest matches on the WrestleMania 32 card, and it may be big enough to main event the whole show. Shane McMahon wasn't thought to have a chance inside Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker, but it certainly now seems as if he's got a better shot than a lot of people are giving him credit for.

[Image via WWE]