Grey Aliens Allegedly Abducted Virginia Woman: MUFON

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A resident of Norfolk, Virginia, has reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) a possible alien abduction event that happened last month. The witness believed she may have been abducted by aliens after she saw a strange-looking being in her home. She also reported experiencing "loss of time" and discovered that a piece of furniture in her home had been moved.

According to alien and UFO researchers, a sketch of the alien the abductee submitted to MUFON (see below) suggests she may have been abducted by Grey aliens.

She told MUFON that she recalled the exact time that the experience of "missing time" began because she clearly recalled sitting on her bed as she prepared to go to sleep and resolving to get up early despite going to bed late. But she suddenly found herself walking from her kitchen to her bathroom and wondering, as she walked down her hall on the way to her bathroom, how she got to her kitchen or why she went there.

"I was sitting on my bed, then the next thing I know I am walking from my kitchen to the bathroom," she told MUFON. "I remember thinking to myself, 'Why was I in the kitchen?' I didn't have food or anything in my hands."

She knew that something unusual had happened to her because she could not recall events that transpired between the time she was sitting on her bed and the time she found herself walking out of her kitchen and down her hall to her bathroom.

But as she walked past her bedroom door on her way to the bathroom, she peeped into her bedroom. And after she had passed the door, she stopped because she thought she saw something in her room. She retraced her steps and looked once again into her room.

Standing in front of her patio door was a strange-looking creature that was almost as tall as the door.

Note: The standard height of inside doors in the U.S. is 36 inches by 80 inches.

"[The alien stood] in front of my patio door almost as tall as the door. It turned its head, looked at me, and vanished through the door."

The witness froze in shock as the creature turned to look at her. When the being realized it was being observed, it walked out through the door.

The witness continued walking to her bathroom, and it occurred to her that she must have experienced significant "loss of time."

When she returned to her bedroom, she looked at the time on a clock and saw that it was past 3 a.m., suggesting she may have experienced "missing time" of about an hour. She sat on her bed and tried to recall what transpired during the apparently lost hour.

But as hard as tried, she could not recall what happened. But strangely, she had a vivid recollection of a mysterious bracelet.

Feeling a sudden urge to record her visual memories, she found a piece of paper and drew the being she had seen standing in front of her patio door and the mysterious bracelet.

Later in the morning, she told her husband about her experience. The couple looked around and noticed that the witness' jewelry box had been pushed away from it normal position against the wall at the spot where the creature had been standing.

Then her husband recalled it appeared he had slept deeper than usual over the night.

The witness, however, admitted that she has had similar experiences throughout her life.

"I have never spoken out about them for fear of ridicule... but only recently began to document what I remember as it happens currently," she said.

Despite the woman's belief that she may have been abducted by aliens, skeptical readers have commented that her casual reaction to the sight of a strange being in her room suggests she may have had a lucid dream experience while sleepwalking.

Skeptics also argued that the woman's admission that she has had similar experiences in the past suggests that she suffers a mental health-related condition that induces the strange experiences.

Skeptics have often tried to explain away claimed abduction experiences as due to conditions involving altered states of consciousness, such as lucid dreaming and other states involving heightened suggestibility.

But believers have dismissed such interpretation of alien abduction experiences, saying that experiences of "missing time" could not be due to subjective states of altered consciousness, because some reports of "missing time" experience involved multiple witnesses.

For instance, Open Minds reported late in March the case of a couple from Ridgecrest, California, who reported experiencing "loss of time" linked to a UFO sighting while travelling between Edwards Air Force Base and China Lake Naval Base.

According to alien abduction believers, it is difficult to explain how two separate individuals could have experienced a profoundly altered state of consciousness at the same time without inferring outside agency, such as the aliens who abducted them.

UFO researchers have also noted recently the increasing incidence of reports of "lost time" linked to UFO sightings.

An interesting aspect of the latest sighting that some UFO enthusiasts noted is the striking similarity of the woman's drawing of the alien to a species of extraterrestrials known in the alien and UFO community as Greys.

Greys are described as tall humanoids up to nine feet tall with pale skin, large eyes, a large head, and spindly limbs.

According to alien researchers, Grey aliens were the species of extraterrestrials involved in the legendary 1947 Roswell UFO crash.

The abductee's sketch of what looks like a Grey alien is consistent with previous reports by whistleblowers that most alien abductions involved Greys operating under an alleged treaty signed with the U.S. government in 1954.

The alleged treaty allows Greys to abduct a limited number of humans for the purpose of medical experiments.

But according to alien researchers, Greys have violated the terms of the treaty by carrying out abductions on an expanded scale, and the U.S. government has not been able to stop them.

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