Fake IDs Mystery Man Stumps Cops: Roy Antigua Had Uniforms And Identification Stashed At House

A mystery man possessing many tools of deception including a variety of uniforms and fake IDs has police in the area stumped as they try to determine whether Roy Antigua was impersonating professionals from all walks of life for nefarious purposes or if the Florida man just has a rich fantasy life.

After police officers found a cache of the IDs and uniforms at Antigua’s home following a traffic stop, New Port Richey police Chief James Steffens helmed a press conference during which authorities asked locals for any and all information related to potential scams perpetrated by Antigua.

The intrigue and concern surrounding the mystery man in Florida with the fake IDs and uniforms kicked off last week in New Port Richey when an officer stopped Roy Antigua on what he says was a routine traffic stop. Antigua is said to have handed over a Coast Guard ID, but, according to the cop, something was off about the presented identification.

The cop explains that the back resembled a key card — like you’d see in a hotel — and that the ID lacked a gold chip seen in authentic Coast Guard identification. Antigua was ultimately arrested for a probation violation as well as driving with a suspended license.

When cops searched, they discovered IDs and uniforms for the CIA, Customs, local hospitals, and the Boy Scouts. Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco says that the mystery man may just enjoy dress-up,but police fear a more sinister reason:

“In the best case scenario, we have somebody who likes to dress up and wear these outfits… It’s actually scary. You see these Boy Scout uniforms, who knows if he’s been around young children and what his intentions were.”

Anyone with information about mystery man Roy Antigua or potential activities in which he may have engaged using the fake IDs and uniforms has been asked to contact Pasco County police.