Mexican Drug Smugglers Filmed Casually Climbing Over Nogales, Arizona Border Wall, News Crew Says

A pair of Mexican drug smugglers causally climbed over the Mexican border fence in Nogales, Arizona carrying large packs filled with drugs on their backs, a television news film crew working in the area, says.

The Mexican film crew was recording along the border to highlight border crossing shootings in Nogales when the two men were spotted easily climbing over the fence rail.

Alleged Mexican drug smugglers climb over Nogales, Arizona border fence in broad daylight – video

Once the two alleged Mexican drug smugglers had stepped foot on American soil, they walked along the fence and then stood around undetected as they made a cell phone call. After finally noticing the Mexican news team, Azteca Noticias, was watching them and had turned the camera in their direction, the men reportedly searched for a place to hide amid the undergrowth.

The men appear to grow angry and shout loudly in Spanish for the journalist, Carolina Rocha, to turn off the camera. The Mexican news crew refused to oblige the alleged drug smugglers, Breitbart reports.

“I am only doing my job, son,” the reporter told the men after they climbed back over the fence into Mexico, the Daily Mail reports.

Nogales, Arizona, and a host of other border towns, have been plagued by Mexican drug smugglers for many years. Area residents and local leaders have blamed the porous border fence and the need for more patrol agents for the mounting problem.

Earlier this week U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered a smuggling tunnel that reportedly stretched about 10 yards into the United States. The Mexican smuggling tunnel was found near the Morley pedestrian crossing point in Nogales, Arizona. This area is commonly referred to as the “drug tunnel capital,” Fox News Latino reports.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, U.S. Border Patrol agents recently discovered a drug smuggling and possible illegal immigrant smuggling tunnel, stretching from inside Mexico and into Calexico, California, earlier last month.


The now arrested Mexican drug smugglers in the Calexico case reportedly purchased a piece of land and dug a tunnel the length of four football fields. The case was reportedly the first time Mexican smugglers bought a piece of property in the United States in order to dig a tunnel to move drugs or illegal immigrants.

Law enforcement officials first began finding Mexican smuggling tunnels in 1990. Going down inside the tunnels is a very dangerous endeavor for U.S. Border Patrol agents as armed traffickers could be hiding around every corner.

Since the first border tunnel was found, border agents have found a grant total of 115 tunnels, and 110 of the tunnels were discovered in the Nogales area. Agents have seized more than 17,500 pounds of drugs inside the tunnels.

Border security has become a major focus of the 2016 presidential election. Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders recently toured the border and then told American voters that building a wall was not necessary. Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton also opposed Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall and then begin deporting the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. Republican Ted Cruz also favors building a wall, and like Trump, considers the border problem a pressing national security matter.

What do you think about the alleged Mexican drug smugglers caught on camera by the television news crew? Does a candidate’s stance on border security and illegal immigration impact how you will vote?

[Image via David McNew/Getty Images]