Prince Harry Wears Angry Birds Hat At Womad Music Festival

There’s something about crazy hats that British people just love. The Royal Wedding saw it’s fair share of ridiculous head wear and Prince Harry made sure to represent his country’s favorite past time by donning an angry birds hat during the 2012 London Olympics.

Prince Harry and the rest of the Royal Family have been spotted at various events throughout the London Olympics. But last week, according to the Huffington Post, Harry took a break from all the action to relax at the Womad music festival in Wilshire. Harry reportedly attended the concert with his new girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, but who cares about that. Let’s talk more about Prince Harry’s Angry Birds hat.

The mobile game Angry Birds has spawned spin-0ffs, a TV show, and merchandise since it was released a few years ago. Amazon currently sells an Angry Birds hat but it’s not nearly as cool as Prince Harry’s.

Harry wore the hat while playing a game of ping pong at the music festival. His doubles partner was wearing the same hat. So maybe it was a required piece of uniform for the friendly game, or maybe it was a tactically placed piece of intimidation.

What do you think about Prince Harry’s Angry Birds Hat?