WWE Rumors: Top Rumors For Dean Ambrose Vs. Brock Lesnar Street Fight At 'WrestleMania 32'

It's not a match that will be for a title. It isn't a match that will determine a number one contender. It's a match that will have two brutal and violent wrestlers destroying each other in hopes of winning at WrestleMania 32. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose are going to battle it out in a No Holds Barred Street Fight, but they may not be the only ones involved. There are a lot of rumors as to what could happen, and some are rather unexpected.

Neither Brock Lesnar nor Dean Ambrose need anyone else involved to make this Street Fight entertaining and just incredibly violent. This could be a visit back to the Attitude Era for WWE with some of the weapons used and neither wrestler making it easy or light for their opponent.

Even though they will both likely beat the hell out of each other, there are lots of rumors going around as to the end result of the match and also possible interference.

Dean Ambrose uses every weapon imaginable and pins Brock Lesnar clean

WWE having Ambrose win in this match would be a gigantic step up for him into the main event stratosphere. It wouldn't hurt Brock Lesnar because it's not like Ambrose is a lightweight, and also, the Beast will likely be beaten with any and all weapons that aren't nailed down.

wwe rumors dean ambrose brock lesnar street fight wrestlemania 32 the wyatt family bray mick foley terry funk
[Image via WWE]Ambrose winning this match could shoot him into a WWE World Heavyweight Title feud with Roman Reigns, who may be turning heel soon. As for Lesnar, it would then make sense for him to finally go and feud with Bray Wyatt, but more on that later.

Brock Lesnar defeats Dean Ambrose clean after multiple F-5's on chairs or ring steps

In a straight-up fight or wrestling match, no one thinks that it would be believable for Ambrose to defeat Lesnar. Adding in the weapons and no disqualification stipulations make it a more balanced bout, but many still don't think that Lesnar will be at a disadvantage.

Jim Ross himself believes Lesnar is still going to destroy Ambrose as he said to USA Today.

"Very few guys in the business take an a** whooping like Dean Ambrose, and make no mistake that's exactly what he'll get from Brock Lesnar."
Lesnar has totally dominated and decimated big stars in matches before such as John Cena and Roman Reigns. It wouldn't be odd to see him destroy Ambrose, but that likely isn't what WWE has in store.

Cageside Seats believes that this needs to be competitive though and different from some of Lesnar's dominating matches in the past.

The Wyatt Family interferes and takes out Brock Lesnar

Luke Harper is out due to an injury, so he won't be there, but expect the other three members of The Wyatt Family to be there. With a no holds barred stipulation attached to the match, it may be time for WWE to finally push forward with that feud between Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar.

wwe rumors dean ambrose brock lesnar street fight wrestlemania 32 the wyatt family bray mick foley terry funk
[Image via WWE]It wouldn't be surprising to see Lesnar getting the upper-hand, the lights go out, and the ring surrounded by Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Erick Rowan. It's not like Lesnar would run away from a fight, but the numbers would be too great for him to overcome.

They beat him down. Ambrose wakes up. Lesnar is pinned.

Mick Foley and Terry Funk interfere to help Dean Ambrose

Over the past couple of weeks, Dean Ambrose has gotten a lot of advice and even a few helpful weapons from two hardcore legends. Mick Foley and Terry Funk may not be cleared to do any kind of action in the ring, but maybe they'd run down and provide another weapon or three to Ambrose for use in his match against Lesnar.

Can you imagine the pop in Dallas for either one or both of those WWE legends heading out to the ring with a chair, barbed-wire-covered bat, or chainsaw?

WrestleMania 32 will have virtually all of its titles on the line, and there is going to be a Hell in the Cell match and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal as well. Still, Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar may steal the show with its brutality, weapons, and rumors of interference from The Wyatt Family, Mick Foley, and Terry Funk.

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