Robin Wright Completes Ryan Gosling In ‘Blade Runner 2’

Robin Wright of House of Cards fame is about to join Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2. It looks like she will complete Ryan Gosling in whatever pairing the sequel will reveal.

“Robin Wright is in final negotiations to join Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in Alcon’s Blade Runner sequel,” stated Variety. “Ford is reprising his role as Detective Rick Deckard, with Sicario helmer Denis Villeneuve directing. The untitled film will bow Jan. 12, 2018.”

Knowing that Robin is an awesome actress that says stuff like “I’m in my 40s and I don’t inject my face with Botox,” means that she will bring maturity, edge, and depth to Blade Runner 2.

While that means that the hard-core Blade Runner fans have to wait almost two years till the movie comes out, this will also mean that the filmmakers will have more than enough time to choose the perfect cast and edit the script to downright perfection before starting the shooting.

The actual filming will start in July, according to Daily Mail, which is just three short months away.

The rumors are that it will be tricky to try to fit Robin Wright into the filming schedule of Blade Runner 2, as she is occupied with House of Cards obligations.

To stave off the fans from clamoring for more information, the studio has released a few details about the sequel.

“The story, written by Hampton Fancher (co-writer of the original) and Michael Green and based on a story by Fancher and Ridley Scott, continues several decades after the conclusion of the 1982 original — which was set in a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles,” reports Variety. “It is unknown whom Wright will be playing and also unknown if she will be playing a human or replicant.”

But the fans can safely assume that, whomever she ends up playing, Robin will absolutely crush it.

With Ryan Gosling by her side, she could probably ramp up her performance close to perfection.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling has been busy filming and promoting many movies, including The Big Short, which got nominated for Oscars this year for Best Picture. Right now, he is in the throes of promoting The Nice Guys, a comedy about a male duo.

“Who knew we could love Ryan Gosling so much, even when he’s whining and crying?” reports USA Today. “The actor joins Russell Crowe in the upcoming The Nice Guys… and he’s not exactly the suave sexiest man alive we’ve all come to know and love (like really, really love). Gosling plays a dopey private investigator who teams up with Crowe’s very suave and cool hitman to look for a missing woman.”

Seeing just how cool Harrison Ford was in the original Blade Runner, Ryan Gosling will secure himself as the next cool male lead in Hollywood — not just in romantic comedies, but in serious film-noir sci-fi genre works as well.

The details of Blade Runner 2 are slowly coming out as casting, crew, and production dates are getting confirmed. Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker that brought you Sicario, has been signed onto the project, and he has a specific vision that he wants to follow.

“The movie will be autonomous and at the same time there will be some link, but I cannot talk too much about it,” Denis Villeneuve said according to the Collider. “The original cut was] the Blade Runner that I was introduced to at the beginning and that I loved for years, and then I must say that I’m someone that appreciated the very last cut, the [Final Cut] version. So between all the different cuts, for me it’s the first and the very last that I’m more inspired by.”

Do you think Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling, and Harrison Ford will come together to create another masterpiece in Blade Runner 2? Let us know in the comments below!

[Photos by Pascal Le Segretain, Jason Merritt/Getty Images]