2 Planes Intercepted By F-15 Fighters After Entering Presidential Airspace

When President Obama is giving a speech or touring certain areas of the country temporary flight-restrictions are placed on those geographic regions to protect the President. On Monday North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) was foced to stramble two F-15 fighters to escort two planes after they entered that restricted airspace.

The first plane was intercepted over Long Island at approximately 7 p.m. after entering a temporary flight-restricted area. While NORAD would not confirm that the restriction was put in place because of President Obama’s visit the restriction was enacted at the same time Obama was leaving a fundraiser being hosted at the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa.

After intercepting the first plane the F-15 helped it land “without incident” and the pilot was met by local law inforcement.

The second intercepted plane was picked up by an F-15 fighter pilot at 7:30 p.m near New Haven. After verifying the plane it was eventually allowed to head towards its final destination without landing.

President Obama during the second plane interception was just arriving at super-producer Harvey Weinstein’s house.

According to sveral Massachusetts television states the F-15 fighter jets has both departed from the Barnes Air National Guard base in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Why either one of the planes pilots chose to fly directly into restricted airspace is not known at this time.

It is possible that neither pilot realized they were in restricted airspace, in some cases however pilots are simply trying to get around rules and regulations to reach their final destinations as quickly as possible.

The type of aircraft which were intercepted have not yet been reported.