Whoopi Goldberg Starts Medical Marijuana Company To Help Women Suffering From Menstrual Cramps

Whoopi Goldberg is the latest celebrity to venture into the marijuana business after announcing the launch of her medical marijuana company to cater to women suffering from menstrual cramps.

According to reports, the actress will be partnering with Maya Elisabeth, calling their business venture the Whoopi & Maya line. Their company will feature four marijuana-infused products namely a balm, a sipping chocolate, a tincture, and a bath soak. The products are mainly for the reduction and relief of pain and cramps during a woman’s menstruation. The sipping chocolate is said to have CBD and THC, while the bath soak will contain the latter.

Goldberg’s venture marks the first time that a marijuana-infused product targets the problems of women during their period. Whoopi Goldberg acknowledges that she uses marijuana, and in her interview with Glamour magazine, she said that the marijuana businesses haven’t been open to her idea. She was told that her business idea is “too niche a market.”

She continued to reveal that her daughter and two granddaughters inherited her “horrific menstrual cramps,” leading her to be a passionate supporter of medical marijuana and its uses. The View panelist also shared that her dissatisfaction with products claiming to relieve period pain pushed her to launch her products.

The multi-awarded actress has addressed the topic of medical marijuana in the past. In 2014, she wrote in the Cannabist about how thrilled she was that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would allow people to get medical treatment by using the drug. However, she pointed out that the governor’s plan doesn’t include other medical conditions such as glaucoma, migraine, and severe menstrual disorders.

Analysts are saying that Whoopi Goldberg’s products could be a hit. Nine out of ten women are suffering from dysmenorrhea, and a survey of 600 women revealed that four out of 10 women have experienced menstrual pain severe enough to make them unfit to work.

The actress said that medical marijuana has worked wonders for her whenever she suffers from menstrual pain. She also scoffed at criticism saying that there aren’t enough studies to prove that the drug can help relieve such pain.

Whoopi Goldberg said that she cannot assure that every woman will find relief from their medical marijuana products.

The actress’ business partner, Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles, supports the idea that marijuana is a wonderful remedy for the monthly pain that women suffer from. Moreover, she notes that their products are combined with superfoods and medicinal herbs that will provide relief to many women.

The Academy Award-winning actress also said that their medical marijuana products will not make them feel “high” as opposed to smoking a joint. She also boasts of the fact that their products are handy, allowing women to carry it with them and get relief at any time.

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, with a 31 percent annual growth. The national market is also said to be worth $5.7 billion.

The medical marijuana products of Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth will be available this April, but further details about its launch are currently unavailable. However, they have confirmed that they will be launching their complete product line in California, targeting one of the largest marijuana marketplaces in the country.

California voters are also expected to pass a ballot that will legalize recreational marijuana this fall.

Other celebrities who have ventured into the marijuana industry are Snoop Dogg with his Leafs by Snoop product line and the family of Bob Marley, who released this February a collection of Marley Natural cannabis and lifestyle products.

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