‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Star Rita Ora Shares Behind-The-Scene Photos On Instagram

Rita Ora is gearing up for her return to the big screen in Fifty Shades Darker. Filming for the highly anticipated sequel is currently underway, and Ora took to social media to express her excitement about the project. Although Ora had a minor part in Fifty Shades of Grey, fans can expect to see more of the British singer in the next two films.

In order to celebrate her return to the world of acting, Ora shared a behind-the-scenes look on Twitter. In the image, the actress was pictured during a wig fitting and sat in a chair while makeup artists prepared her for her role in the upcoming sequel.

According to the Stir, Ora will reprise her part as Christian Grey’s sister, Mia, in Fifty Shades Darker. Although Ora appeared on-screen for less than two minutes during Fifty Shades of Grey, her role will be expanded in the upcoming film. As far as Ora is concerned, she couldn’t be happier with the opportunity to make another appearance on the big screen.

Rita Ora on the set of Fifty Shades Darker [Image via Snapchat]
Rita Ora on the set of Fifty Shades Darker [Image via Snapchat]

In fact, Contact Music is reporting that Ora was more than happy about her brief cameo in the first movie. Despite her limited part, Ora admitted that working on the film has made her want to further her career in acting. So far, Ora has appeared in a few movies, including Fast & Furious 6 and South Paw.

“For me this was such a great cameo to be involved in, and even though I’m only in it for a little bit, it’s opened the door to a lot of movie things that I haven’t actually announced yet, I have the (acting) bug, for real,” Ora stated. “Fifty Shades was… a really good wake-up call… It was nice to be a part of it and it opened a lot of doors… Fifty Shades is going to make a lot of waves, I’ll tell you that much.”

In addition to the social media post, the Daily Mail has released images of Ora arriving at the airport in Vancouver, where production for the sequel is currently underway. The actress was spotted wearing a dark leather jacket complete with leggings and a T-shirt.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are both reprising their roles as Anastasia and Christian in 'Darker.' [Image via Universal]

In speaking about returning in Fifty Shades Darker, Ora revealed that she is very excited about getting back into the swing of things. Ora also confirmed that she has plans to expand her acting career, but that will depend on what roles are available to her.

“It was great because it’s a really cool ongoing sequel, so it’s only gonna grow, and this was honestly such a quick cameo. And if you read the novel, my character is really actually in it for that amount of time. Moving forward, it’s gonna be very exciting to get back into it,” she shared. “I’d love to do more acting, I think it’s something I’m definitely passionate about. It has to be the right role, the right story.”

Along with her part in the Fifty Shades franchise, Ora is well known for her singing talents and her keen eye for fashion. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, many have compared Ora’s unique style to that of Marilyn Monroe.

Fashion isn’t the only thing Ora has in common with Monroe. The two women also share a history of heartbreaks. While Monroe famously dated the likes of Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, Ora has been involved with Calvin Harris and Ricky Hilfiger.

Fortunately for Ora, her past relationships have inspired her work in the music industry. This includes her newest album, which is set to include references to her former romances.

Fifty Shades Darker is scheduled to open in theaters in February of 2017.

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