Men Back Up Files More Than Women [Study]

Hard Drive Storage Men vs Women

Backing up your most important files might sound like a no-brainer, but, as it turns out, a majority of computer users fail to secure their photos, school work, music, and even business files.

The team at data hardware and software manufacturer Seagate recently compiled some interesting facts about data storage among computer users. Seagate found that 54 percent of adults know someone who has lost files because of corrupt hard drives.

The study also found that while 30 percent of men backup files only 19 percent of women choose to take the same preventative steps.

Research also revealed that while most adults agree that their data is important (90 percent) only 10 percent choose to backup their data on a daily basis.

Seagate also discovered that 27 percent of users currently backup data to an external hard drive while 18 percent prefer USB or thumb drives, 9 percent use CDs or DVDs, and 8 percent of users choose a cloud backup service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

As the way in which data is stored continues to change, the study also found that 10 percent of users now continuously backup their data while 30 percent back up daily, 30 percent backup weekly, and 25 percent of users never back up their data.

Here’s the full infographic for our “visual friendly” readers:

Men Vs Women The File Backup War Infographic

Seagate is a leading provider of data storage solutions, offering products that cover all of the storage based areas illustrated in the above infographic.

Do you find yourself backing up data on a regular basis or do you fall into the 25 percent of people who never backup data even when they probably should?

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