NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers Drafting Myles Jack, Changing His Position

NFL rumors are swirling around Myles Jack. The former UCLA Bruins star is about a month away from officially becoming a professional football players. Sports analysts all over the world have been predicting where the versatile linebacker was going to be playing in the National Football League. Now, people are going to be talking about where on the football field Jack is going to be playing. According to, the San Diego Chargers are interested in drafting Myles and changing him into a safety.

Myles Jack is a versatile player. He might be the most versatile player entering the NFL Draft. During his short career with the UCLA Bruins, Jack played multiple positions. In his true freshman year, Myles started at linebacker in 12 games. The Washington native also started a game for UCLA at running back, the position that he played first when he started playing football back in high school.

Eric Weddle [Photo by Sean M Haffey/Getty Images]

Though he’s never started at the position, many were intrigued at the possibility of Myles Jack playing safety. He was utilized in the secondary by the UCLA Bruins coaching staff. Jack was tremendous in pass coverage as a linebacker, so it came as no surprise that held his own pretty well after the safety position. NFL teams have been scouting Myles as a linebacker, but the San Diego Chargers are thinking outside of the box by working him out as a defensive back.

One of the reasons why the San Diego Chargers are interested in moving Myles Jack to safety is because they have a void there now. Eric Weddle was allowed to walk away in free agency, so he signed with the Baltimore Ravens after being courted by several of the contenders in the NFL. Weddle played 137 games for the Chargers, so Jack would have some pretty big shoes to fill if he were drafted by San Diego.

Manti Te'o [Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images]

Myles Jack is 245 pounds right now. If he is moved to the safety position, he’s going to need to lose some of that so he can become even quicker. Jack won’t be losing too much of that weight, though. The San Diego Chargers are still going to be playing him close to the line of scrimmage, especially on obvious running plays. A player like Myles gives the coaching staff the ability to play eight in the box without giving up too much in pass coverage.

The NFL has grown lenient of sub packages nowadays. In the nickel package, the San Diego Chargers can utilize Myles Jack and Manti Te’o as the only linebackers on the field. Pair them up with four pass rushers and five defensive backs, and the Chargers become a really difficult team to throw against. There would also be a good amount of balance.

John Pagano [Photo by Sean M Haffey/Getty Images]

Over the years, the tight end position has evolved in the NFL. It is increasing becoming one of the biggest weapons on offense. Guys like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Thomas have become match up nightmares for defensive coordinators in the National Football League. Defensive backs are too small to guard them, and linebackers are too slow to keep up. A guy like Myles Jack might have the required size and speed to neutralize threats like Gronkowski and Thomas.

Myles Jack appears to be the consolation prize for the San Diego Chargers. They’re choosing third in the upcoming NFL Draft. Ideally, the Chargers would prefer to choose Florida State Seminoles star Jalen Ramsey, who is the best defensive back coming into the National Football League. However, there’s a chance that someone trades up with the Tennessee Titans or Cleveland Browns to take Ramsey before San Diego gets a chance.

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