Final Fantasy VII PC Accidentally Released Early

Over the weekend, eagle-eyed gamers noticed that Final Fantasy VII PC, the recently-announced rerelease of the classic PlayStation 1-era RPG, had been released on Square Enix’s Online Store. Considering that Square Enix still hasn’t announced a release date, this came as a surprise.

As it turns out, the Final Fantasy VII PC listing on the Square Enix Online Store was quite a bit premature, and the company promptly removed the listing from its website. What’s more, those that managed to purchase the game before it was pulled noticed that the SecuROM DRM was failing to authenticate, preventing anyone from playing it.

The reason that the SecuROM DRM failed to authenticate, according to a report from MCV, is simply because Final Fantasy VII PC wasn’t intended to be released yet. Citing a source from “a company dealing with the situation,” the site reports that the listing was made in error–once the game is officially released, SecuROM should work as intended.

We still haven’t heard official word from Square Enix as to how much Final Fantasy VII PC will cost, and when it’s coming out, but the game’s premature release on the Square Enix Online Store was priced at $12.70. In all likelihood, that will be the final price.

Are you looking forward to the PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII?