Ben Affleck Wrote A ‘Batman’ Script — Matt Damon Won’t Be Suggested For Movie

Ben Affleck has taken on the mantle of the Dark Knight in Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which debuted on the big screen on Easter weekend. It grossed ticket sales globally at $420 million and $260 million in the United States and Canada, according to the LA Times. Now, it was reported that Affleck has taken to paper his comic book script creation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Now, Ben was mentioned during an exclusive interview with Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, co-CEOs of William Morris Endeavor. It was Whitesell that let it be known of a Batman script that was written by the Affleck actor/director.

“Well, he’s contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape. And there’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.”

Apparently, this information was revealed in lieu of a meeting with their clients, Matt Damon and Affleck, that occurred into the wee hours of the morning. When Whitesell had a follow-up question if he would suggest to Ben to have Matt in a Batman movie, his response was that of laughter.

“No. I don’t think there’s room for both.”

Ben Affleck has already been behind-the-scenes having scribed Good Will Hunting along with his friend, Damon. Affleck also helmed Argo. With this kind of experience under his belt, it would be pretty interesting to see what that script entails.

After Affleck had already immersed himself into the world-weary role of Batman, voice modulator and all, what could be going on in that man’s imagination on how he’ll want to portray the Caped Crusader in his own solo comic book movie?

In a report by Batman-News, via the Studio Cine Live French publication, an interview with Affleck rendered a response to whether he studied Christian Bale’s role as the Batman. He said he did not want to compete, but wants to continue to carry on with the Batman mythos. He cites the older, experienced character to be different, and in addition to that, it was emphasized that Christopher Nolan’s version of that universe is be different than the one Snyder put forth.

“My version is different, but remains faithful to the Batman mythology and all the themes associated with it. The other difference is that Nolan’s Batman isn’t part of a universe where other superheroes exist as well.”

So, perhaps this statement could render what he’s got going on in his head and what is now put to paper in script format?

Rumors had been abound regarding Ben Affleck having partaken in “fixing” Chris Terrio’s Batman v. Superman script. It would seem that the actor could have been getting his feet wet by involving himself in such a fashion so much as there had been proclamations made by Us Magazine’s sources that he was actually doing all this in his Batman costume, on set.

Ben responded to the rumor, according to ComicBook, via The Hollywood Reporter, by saying the following.

“That is the dumbest rumor. I just like how if I was gonna go write, I would put on this bat suit first because it’s so comfortable to write in. I didn’t rewrite anything in any outfit, my underwear or otherwise.”

Keep in mind, though, if you’d like to tie two stories together for some kind of connection, there was an exclusive announcement last year around the time of the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. The scoop was made by Deadline Hollywood that Affleck was to co-write a Batman solo movie along with DC Comic’s chief creative officer, Geoff Johns.

Back then, there wasn’t a “slotted” area for the Batman solo movie in which it could be nestled, but Deadline Hollywood’s sources reported on the matter.

“The plot would reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman V Superman and Justice League, the latter of which comes out November 17, 2017.”

So, a post-Justice League Batman? After all that, how would the aged Bruce Wayne be taking on the world? Has Ben Affleck already foreseen what Batman will be like after the events of the Justice League movies?

Is this currently reported Batman script the one and the same as the one announced last year?

With Ben Affleck having immersed himself in the superhero movie role and has helmed/written non-superhero movies of his own, it would indeed be interesting how him joining DC Comic’s Geoff Johns would steer the Argo director into the comic book movie world of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Affleck currently stars along with the members of the DC Trinity in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, now open in theaters.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]