Parents Jailed For Beating Teen Daughter Because She Dated A Black Man

Jane Champion, 17, was violently attacked by her parents because she refused to stop dating a black man. During Jane Champion’s assault her mother and father allegedly shouted “vile” racist remarks about her boyfriend, Aflonce Ncube, the Daily Mail reports.

Frances and David Champion were convicted on assault charges relating to beating their daughter Jane Champion in the face, grabbing her around the throat, by the hair and leaving her body bruised. Champion’s boyfriend Aflonce Ncube was also physically attacked by her parents, enduring kicks to the legs and racist taunts, the Hinterland Gazette reports.

Once Aflonce Ncbube was outside the house, Jane Champion’s father reportedly grabbed her by the hair and began punching her while making comments about “bringing shame to the family,” the Daily Mail reports.

After the physical attack, Jane Champion sought safety at her grandmother’s house, but eventually returned home after the the situation with her parents had “calmed down.” A month after Jane Champion and Aflonce Ncube’s attacks, Daniel Champion reportedly went to a local bar to talk to his daughter and wanted to know if she was still dating Ncube. When Jane Champion affirmed her father’s assumption, he allegedly punched her in the eye, grabbed her by the hair and continued to hit her in the face.

parents beat teens involved in interracial relationship


David and Frances Champion reportedly arrived home to find Jane and Aflonce in a “state of undress” and kicked the male youth in the leg and pushed in out the door of their home in St. Thomas, Swansea. Jane Champion’s parents then went to the restaurant where Alfonce Ncube was working, but the young man hid until his girlfriend’s parents were removed from the premises.

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“We live in a liberal and enlightened society and those sorts of racist behavior cannot be tolerated. The way you reacted was totally inappropriate. I would be failing in my public duty if I was to do anything other than impose a custodial sentence,” Judge Peter Heywood stated before reading the verdict in the case.

David Champion was sentenced to 12 months in jail earlier today for the beating of his daughter Jane Champion and Alfonce Ncube. Francis Champion was ordered to nine months of incarceration for her role in the racism-fueled beating.