New York Jets Players Brawl During Practice

New York Jets Practice

The New York Jets might want to work on the teamwork aspect of their game. Several players during Monday’s practice got into an altercation which in turn led to a 20-person brawl.

The fight happened on the teams sideline after safety D’Anton Lynn shoved running back Joe McKnight out of bound during a screen pass. McKnight proceeded to throw the pigskin at Lynn at which point McKnight charged at Lynn and threw the first punch.

Seconds later the offensive and defensive lines were at each others throats, causing a massive pile-up of players.

The brawl happened just feet away from onlooking fans who watched as their own teams players fought one another.

Immediately following the start of the brawl Coach Rex Ryan ran over and began pulling his players away from one another.

When all was said and done the brawl lasted less than a minute.

After practice Lynn said of the fight:

“That was a first. That’s never happened to me before, so I lost my temper for a second.”

McKnight said of the hard punch he delivered to his teammate:

“If you’re fighting, I mean, are you going to just love-tap him? I mean, you’re going to try to hit him. It’s a fight.”

During the incident several players apparently decided to act as jokers, taking fake swings at one another, thus highlighting the complete ridiculousness of the fight among teammates.

Both men involved in the fight that led to the brawl said they would iron out any issues they have with one another during a personal discussion.

Nobody was hurt during the fracas.