Nathan Sorrell Shows ‘Greatness’ In New Nike Ad

Nathan Sorrell Shows 'Greatness' In New Nike Ad

A 12 year-old London, Ohio student has shown to the world that greatness is meant for everyone, not just the extremely gifted.

Nathan Sorrell is not your typical “all-american” athlete. The young man stands at a height of 5-foot-3-inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. However, Nike, the atheltic shoes and sports clothing giant, found Nathan to be exactly what they needed for their new ‘Find your greatness” ad. According to USA Today, Nathan’s commercial is part of Nike’s campaign that salutes fitness feats of ordinary people from “Londons” around the world.

Nike found Nathan in London, Ohio after they had a scouting session at his school. Nike had announced that they were looking for a boy with a specific profile, so Sorrell filled out a form and submitted it. After an audition, the morning after he submitted his form, Sorrell was then called back for a casting call. In the casting call, Sorrell was instructed to jog behind a minivan while the ad agency filmed him from the back of the van, reports the Record Herald. The ad agency liked what they saw out of Nathan, so they called him back the next morning to shoot the commercial. This time, however, Nathan was instructed to jog behind a Porsche outfitted with a boom and video camera on the back.

All was going fine during the shoot, until the second take, when Sorrell lost his lunch.

“I got sick in a ditch,” Sorrel admitted.

Lance, the director, gave Nathan time to recover and worked with Sorrell since he knew that he was having a hard time. After Nathan recovered, he proceeded to jog various distances that averaged the length of 60-70 yards. His sweat soaked shirt in the commercial is proof of the effort that he gave this shoot.

After shooting the commercial, Sorrell and his mom have planned to help each other lose weight with exercise and diet changes. If this is successful, then Nike will return for another taping to reinforce their message and inspire others to do the same.

Greatness can be found in each and every one of us…you just have to know where to look.